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To think this is really unfair?

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Kitsandbits · 01/11/2007 07:56

There was a dress on ebay (bridesmaids dress) and it started at £9.99 + £5 P&P.

I really need it as it matches my other dress so 3 days ago I emailed the seller and asked if I could buy it for £25 inc p&p. She said it was her sisters dress and she wanted the auction to run.

Fair enough.

So last night I go to bid on the dress and my internet cuts out and by the time it had come back on the auction had finished I was so upset!

And it ended without any bids - £9.99 - unsold.

So I email the woman and she gets back to me saying I can have it for my offer of £25

But I think its unfair as she declined that. And it was unsold at £9.99

So AIBU to think she should sell at that? Im really pissed off because My net reconnected literally 1 minute after the auction finished

Im sick of this bad luck

OP posts:

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 07:58

well it's her choice..if u were happy to pay 25.00 then be thankful that u are still able to buy it rather than lose it surely?

glass half full will make u a happier person sweetheart


Kitsandbits · 01/11/2007 07:59

Not when IM totally skint and every single penny literally counts!

Ive just got awful luck and its really getting to me!

OP posts:

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 08:00

but that's my point it's brilliant luck that no one else bought it AND IT MATCHES


throckenholt · 01/11/2007 08:00

yes it was bad luck - but if it is worth £25 to you (since you offered that before ) then go for it, otherwise put down to life's annoying things and forget about it.

Or offer her half the difference between 9.99 and your 25 - so say offer her 17.50 for it.


LoveMyGirls · 01/11/2007 08:02

You are in the best position here, she doesn't want the dress, its only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, in this case no-one except you wants it so either she sells it to you for what you are willing to pay or she keeps it or she lists it again and risks no one bidding have the upper hand surely?


lemonaidtreasonandplot · 01/11/2007 08:03

It's not unfair she knows you're prepared to pay £25 for it. She doesn't need to sell it at all she can relist, for example (which is probably what she'll do if she doesn't sell it to you) and may well get more than £9.99 for it if she does that. She might even get more than £25.

You might want to look into something like Auction Sniper to avoid missing the end of auctions again.


Kitsandbits · 01/11/2007 08:03

Ive offered her £20. I guess it is good luck noone else bought it I suppose!

Im just getting really stressed over all this wedding stuff, Gah!

OP posts:

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 08:03

hey babe have a nice day on me



Eddas · 01/11/2007 08:04

get someone else to ask her to sell it to them for £9.99, a friend or family member. Just ask them to say they were watching it, missed the end of the auction and would like to buy it.


LoveMyGirls · 01/11/2007 08:04

If she accepted your £25 in the first place you would have been very chuffed and wouldn't have questioned the £25 and probably would have thought you had a bargain


Kitsandbits · 01/11/2007 08:14

Actully she just sent me her adress and asked for a cheque.

So ive asked her to either relist so I can buy it through Ebay or let me use paypal so I have some protection!

OP posts:

Freckle · 01/11/2007 08:19

If she relists, someone else might spot it and offer more than £25.

I do think that you are being a little greedy here. You originally offered £25 (why do that if you are skint and can't really afford it). She's now accepted your offer and you are quibbling about £5?

I'd send my cheque quickly and be happy that I've got a b/maid dress for only £25 and it matches.


Kitsandbits · 01/11/2007 08:22

The fact that since 3 days ago 2 huge expenses have arisen for the wedding that were unexpected.

Its getting too much

Grrrr lol

OP posts:

Kitsandbits · 01/11/2007 08:24

I wouldnt say Im being 'greedy'

Im just trying to keep costs down because i have next to no wedding fund left, surely that isnt greed?

OP posts:

zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 08:24

well lucky she didn't accept your offer then lol or u would be another 25 quid down


zippitippitoes · 01/11/2007 08:25

maybe the seller os skint too



Eddas · 01/11/2007 08:29

K&B I wouldn't say you were greedy. Just pissed off. Bet the seller is annoyed too that they didn't accept your original offer

Are you able to collect the dress? Would she allow cash on collection? The whole cheque business can be a right faff for you and them.

I totally understand trying to keep wedding costs down. It all costs so much and there's always something that crops up. Hope it all works out and you end up having the day you want


Kitsandbits · 01/11/2007 09:25


OP posts:

imaginewittynamehere · 01/11/2007 09:27

Hooray - good compromise )


nappyaddict · 03/11/2007 00:46

that's why you need auction stealer!!

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