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To expect Heals to deliver better customer service...and my sofa

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Pennies · 31/10/2007 11:26

On 3rd June I ordered a sofa and a chair from Heals.

It was meant to be delivered early OCtober but there was some kind of unspecified delay and it was finally meant to be delivered yesterday.

Except they lost half of it.

They have now found it and have given me a delviery date of 13th November (a tidy 5.5months after I placed the order) which I've refused saying I want an earlier one. Their warehouse is only a 20 minute drive and if I had a van I could get it myself but I haven't and I've paid a bleedin' fortune for this sofa so I think I've every right to start to lob some toys out of my non-Heals pram.


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Pennies · 31/10/2007 11:29

Apologies for typos - I'm a bit wibbly with a bad case of Heals Annoyance (genuine medical condition, I believe)

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Expedite · 31/10/2007 12:19

You're not being unreasonable, you're just suffering from Heal's snobbery - it's a painful condition whereby you feel that because you paid twice as much for your furniture than that for sale at Habitat next door and as such you expect a higher level of service.

With me they moved delivery dates on me loads of times, their credit card processing machine wouldn't work so I had to call some other office and they screwed it all up and then finally delivered one of the chairs with broken feet. All that being said, the furniture is wonderful and every time I sink in to it I remind myself how much more glorious it is than that available for a tenth of the price elsewhere that is of no visible difference.


Pennies · 31/10/2007 17:20

OOh lordy. So is Heals Snobbery a complication of Heals Annoyance then? Or vice versa? Or are the two ailments so intrinsically linked it's all part and parcel of the same hideous malaise?

Have also noticed a thread pull on the small bit of sofa that they did manage to deliver which looks like it's just gagging to turn into a mahoosive hole.

I personally feel that it's totally worth while to get utterly ripped off and pissed off when I too could (read: should) have done the decent thing and gone to Ikea like everyone else. It's only going to get sick, crayon, playdoh and mud on it isn't it.


(In my defense though I did propose the Ikea / Habitat idea to DH who rejected it because he clearly thinks he has money to burn. More money than sense, morelike.)

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