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to not give a damn whether a post is long or short so stop apologising for typing a lot! (short, sorry)

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HunkOLantern · 29/10/2007 23:36


I am on here to effing read stuff.

I like it when people write long, detailed posts, especially when describing a situation they want help with.

So stop sodding apologising for it. OK?

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HunkOLantern · 29/10/2007 23:37

a situation with which they want help

OP posts:

IdrisTheDragon · 29/10/2007 23:39

I agree (and the pedant in me is glad you amended your third sentence ).


CadaverousCorpulentCarmenere · 29/10/2007 23:40

I agree as long as it is in paragraphs


policywonk · 29/10/2007 23:41

It would, however, be helpful if they could say '(very long post with no capital letters, full stops or paragraphs, and multiple tenses used at random, plus a host of confusing pronouns)'. THEN we would know not to click.


HunkOLantern · 29/10/2007 23:42

Oh, yes, a "no paragraphs or punctuation of any kind" warning would be most acceptable and welcome.

But apologising for writing a lot? I think it's showing off. Look at me, watch me type, kinda thing

OP posts:

IdrisTheDragon · 29/10/2007 23:44

Definitely agree about the warning needed when punctuation is lacking.


sKerryMum · 29/10/2007 23:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HunkOLantern · 30/10/2007 09:46

(sorry, short)


OP posts:

ShaunOfTheThread · 30/10/2007 09:49

The apologies for long posts was one of the first things I noticed on the site. It made me assume that there was some big taboo on long posts -- that they were really unacceptable for some reason I didn't know about. So I started apologising for them too, without really knowing why.


PumpkinFang · 30/10/2007 09:51

Yes 'long, sorry' is almost apologising for breathing and taking up standing room.


HunkOLantern · 30/10/2007 10:58

Especially when it's a post of, like, three lines!

OP posts:

ArmadilloDaMan · 30/10/2007 11:02

I got a comment the other day that my op was so long - apparently the poster couldn;t be bothered to read it

I'd put paragraphs (lots) in it and everything!

I coudln't be bothered to reply quite frankly, but it was really rude.

Hence warning people about long ops in title.


HunkOLantern · 30/10/2007 11:03

AM, that's very rude. Who was it? I shall comment on their post length at every opportunity

OP posts:

Mumcentreplus · 30/10/2007 11:05

I think that was rude dillo may i call you dillo?


ArmadilloDaMan · 30/10/2007 11:06

lol I can't remember (not someone I recognised - but that doesn't say much).
Twas the intelligent design thread (if you saw it)


LittleGoldfish · 30/10/2007 11:07

Hunk - Who's threads are you talking about? I haven't noticed anyone saying warning Long post.


MrScarRot · 30/10/2007 11:09

There are ALWAYS posts that apolise for being long in the title.

I assumed there had been something in the past where people said they hated long OPs or something.


Lorayn · 30/10/2007 11:11

People post 'sorry, rant' as well though, and I think it's kind of expected to be a rant, especially on AIBU.


nailpolish · 30/10/2007 11:16

armadillo you always make me giggle

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