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To get annoyed when people ask 'are you in the queue?' when you clearly are!! grrr

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mumfor1standfinaltime · 29/10/2007 15:51

Just ranting about my post office queue this morning.
'Are you in the queue?' I was asked twice.
First time by an old lady, you know the type, the ones who dig there basket into your bum when in super market queues and 3 mins later a 2nd time by a woman who came right upto my ear behind me and when I ignored her and din't turn round she said 'hello?'loudly down my ear! How did she know I wasn't deaf??

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WanderingTrolley · 29/10/2007 16:00

It's because so many people are helpless wankers who just lurk around the end of a queue, leaving one for 5 minutes standing behind some trogolodite who's just there to stare at the conveyor belt, and not queueing at all.

I have often asked 'are you the end of the queue?' to someone dithering near the tills to be told 'Er, no, I don't think so.'

And these numpties often look like normal people, too.

Hence, alas, YABU.

PS I hate shopping.


Lazarou · 29/10/2007 16:01

I was standing in the bank the other day waiting to use the cashpoint with my ds in the pushchair and out of courtesy I always stand back so the person using the machine doesn't think im looking over their shoulder. A couple came in and stood in front of me and then another lady came in and said really loudly 'actually i think this lady was first' to the couple and then stood in front of them. I just smiled and looked the other way.


flowerybeanbag · 29/10/2007 16:02

YABU, isn't it better than them pushing in?

And what WT said.


LucifersLuckyUnderpants · 29/10/2007 16:06

i guess it is better for them to ask if you are 'in the queue' rather than assume you are not and queue in front of you, because then you would get peeved and post an 'AIBU - to get annoyed when people just assume i am not in the queue'


lovecat · 29/10/2007 16:44

I asked someone this last week - they were kind of in the area for the tills, but not in the actual queuing corral thing, there were items on a shelf by where they were so they could conceivably have been checking them out, but there was something about the way they were sitting there (on a mobility scooter) that made me ask.

She glared at me like I was asking her something obscene, said of course I am in affronted tones, and manoeuvred her scooter over my foot to the actual queuing place. Then decided she didn't like her angle and nearly backed up over dd. Sorry, that's completely irrelevant but I wanted to unburden!


wheresthehamster · 29/10/2007 16:48

Sometimes I ask "are you in the queue?" because I can't believe that the queue has stretched that far back into the shop


bookofthedeadmum · 29/10/2007 16:54

Better to ask and look a numpty than stand behind some random person who is actually daydreaming and is not in the queue at all. It also helps to get people back into line who may be queueing in a random fashion (my personal bug-bear) so it's easier to see where the damn thing ends and join it at the appropriate place.


ladylush · 29/10/2007 16:58

YABU imo - I would rather someone asks than just pushes in.


goldenoldie · 29/10/2007 17:06

I love being asked that at the tills, I always say 'no, I'm waitng for a bus'. Amazing how long it takes for the penny to drop for some people


unknownrebelbang · 29/10/2007 17:36


Just smile sweetly and say yes, lol.


EmsMum · 29/10/2007 17:43

somewhat unreasonable. What is often meant by 'are you in the queue' is 'is this where I'm meant to be queueing?'


chipmonkeyPumpkinNorks · 29/10/2007 18:32

YABU. Are you one of those people who loiters 3 feet from the person in front of them making it difficult to tell if they are queuing?


ArmadilloDaMan · 29/10/2007 18:34



MotherFunk · 29/10/2007 18:42

Message withdrawn


2shoescreepingthroughblood · 29/10/2007 19:09

pmsl at people queing wrong.


sophierosie · 29/10/2007 19:23

ha ha - this happened to me today in Ikea - was queueing to get a drink at the bit past the tills (so wouldn't have been hanging around for anything else) and was actually counting my money out - had trolley in front of me and probably a gap of about a foot from the person in front of me!

What does it look like I'm doing?


FrightOwl · 29/10/2007 19:39

i was stood in the post office queue once and this little elderly lady was at the front counting her pennies out. (gawd knows what she bought but we were there ages) we waited patiently. then said little lady finished her transaction, walked back down the other side of the shop, picked up a card and asked the lady in front of me "can i just get in here in front of you love, i only want to buy a card"

"NO" she said bitterly but not unkindly "you have to queue like everyone else".

totally irrelevant to the thread btw but it seemed amusing at the time.


bookofthedeadmum · 29/10/2007 19:42

I ask this quite often in toilets in clubs since lots of people seem to spend time in there gossiping or waiting for friends (or holding doors shut etc). The time you don't ask is probably going to be the time that someone was waiting and takes exception to a 'queue-jumper'.


mumfor1standfinaltime · 31/10/2007 13:48

I guess I was annoyed more as it was bloody obvious I was in the queue!
I wasn't 'day dreaming', just standing behind someone in the queue. What annoyed me more was the woman who said it loudly down my ear. How did she not know I had a hearing problem?

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