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... to have given up on my baby book after six months and now thinking about faking it

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chocchipcookie · 29/10/2007 11:43

Got a 'Baby First Year' book. Recorded everything faithfully for six months then got busy and put it to one side and forgot all about it.

Now there are no entries for the last two and a half months. Thinks of future and dd looking at it saying 'Mummy, did you stop being interested in me after six months?' as she wipes tear from hurt face.

So now resolved to start again but what about the gap? Do I fake it and if so do I have to make something up for every bloody day???

PS - didn't do one at all for ds!

OP posts:

bethoo · 29/10/2007 11:52

ihave my record book and put nothing in it, just when he sees hv and gets weighed in which they do it.
my sister gave me a baby book and i have not filled it in and she keeps asking if i am filling it in.


Tommy · 29/10/2007 11:55

I know more people who have not filled it in or given up half way thorugh than have them all completed!


FrannyandZooey · 29/10/2007 11:57

either get rid of it or fake it

I found mine at my parent's last month, and it was empty except for a few bits my older SISTER had been reduced to filling in

I didn't exactly feel fab about it


MrsBadger · 29/10/2007 12:27

keep it but don't feel guilty

and ffs don't feel you have to write in it every day

Mine was like this and still I loved looking at it - my mother said the reason it wasn't all filled in was because once I started walking she was running around after me and didn't have time to sit and write it, whihc I accepted without question.
Make sure you have lots of photos though - photo albums (me when I was a baby, mummy with long hair, daddy in the old anorak he now wears to mend the car etc) are much more interesting than lists of dates/feeds/poos in baby books.


LazyLinePUMPKINJane · 29/10/2007 13:16

Throw it away!

We were presented with one (when DS was 5MO, oddly ) by PIL with the instructions to fill it in and then return it to them so that they could keep it.

I think it's in the top of a wardrobe somewhere

I do keep up with photo albums though.


colditz · 29/10/2007 13:20

well obviously once she was 6 months old, she was far to interesting for you to sit and mess about with a book - you wanted to play with her!


rookiemum · 29/10/2007 13:21

Err yes, I got stuck at about eight months I think it was, so now landmarks like when DS first waved and said his first word are lost to the world.

Throw the book out like everyone else does, anyone on this thread want to admit to having fully completed baby books for all their children ?


Piggy · 29/10/2007 13:22

Scribble out the title and put "Baby First 6 months Book" on it instead.



bookofthedeadmum · 29/10/2007 13:25

I gave up on the HV book so I hope no one wants to examine since the only entries now are from her jabs .

Baby books are just another way of inducing guilt in the new parent - another unncessary task! Throw it or file it somewhere but don't feel guilty. Better a neglected 'record' than a baby.


MuffinMclay · 29/10/2007 13:33

I filled mine in faithfully, and in mind-numbing detail, during pregnancy, then forgot about it when ds was born. I went back and filled it all in (with approximate dates for milestones) and threw insome photos at the time of his first birthday.

Haven't got round to buying one for ds2, but probably should in case he feels left out.


Hallowedam · 29/10/2007 13:34

I did quite well with ds's baby book. It's mostly filled in, right up until the point at which I went back to work when he was 7 months old. Then it comes to a bit of an abrupt end.


Hallowedam · 29/10/2007 13:35

Dh's baby book is dire - his parents managed to fill in about six lines, even though he was their PFB!


kinderBOOsurprise · 29/10/2007 13:55

We received 4 baby books when DD was born. I filled in all 4 to begin with, thinking that I would give one to each set of Grandparents and keep the others (one in English, one in German as we are a British/German family)

PFB or what?

I lasted until about 8 or 9 mths, must have a look and find them. The last time I saw them, DD was looking at them. She loves looking at old photos and stuff from when she was a baby.

Poor DS did not get one book.


ksld · 29/10/2007 14:09

This has made me feel guilty too! Filled in DS1's book religiously for 18 months! DS2 has an empty book - he got his first teeth last week and I have not even added that. The worst thing is I was a 2nd child with no book and was really upset when we found older sister's and nothing for me! Perhaps I should be writing in baby books instead of on Mumsnet
Seriously I would fake it for the big milestones (if any) in last 2 1/2 months, and then try to add all the other milestones eg walking, potty training etc as they happen and leave it at that.


maggotandjerry · 29/10/2007 14:16

My mum got one of these for when I was a baby so filled in all the details for me. Then was obviously too mean to buy two more for my two sisters so filled in their details in tiny writing in pencil underneath. It's a mess

They were better then though - fewer details. Mine for my dd has

  • Date I first focused....

    How the would I know? I'm not inside her head.

    And then unbelievably mind numbing stuff about date I first went on a train and date I first went outside in my pram.

    I actually ripped out a few pages on mine as it's too annoying

    You definitely have to fake it. Either that or stick photos over the questions you can't answer because you weren't there or frankly didn't care enough to notice that your baby had just had its first ever bus journey.

chocchipcookie · 29/10/2007 17:13

Part of the problem is my baby book is so boring to read because we hardly go anywhere. No trips to aquarium, nature walks etc. But I'm not going to throw it because I did do six months. Basically I stopped because the novelty wore off. I also kept a nappy list (wet/dry/time) for the first week and felt guilty stopping that... But I won't restart that one.

OP posts:

wheresthehamster · 29/10/2007 17:21

Have never filled them in but kept a diary supposedly written by dd1 (now 15) for the first 6 months that I keep meaning to write out properly. Have read a few entries since and realised we never did anything except go to the baby clinic!

My mum has been meaning to fill in mine and my brother's baby books for some time (I'm 51) so it runs in the family


Eddas · 29/10/2007 17:24

I had one for dd(now 3) filled in bits, not much. Had one given to me for ds(now 6months) still in an unopened bag that it was given in Feel like chucking dd's away and saying they didn't have one when/if they ask. They have a box so that'll be more than i've got.

Would have to extract photos and bits from dd's. Maybe get a note book and just write a few things here and there now there's a better idea


WanderingGraveyards · 29/10/2007 17:25

What colditz and Piggy said.

And if she asks why there are fewer or eratic entries after six months, say "And that's a question I'll be answering after you have your first child."


Lorayn · 29/10/2007 17:34

I'm on my third child/baby book now and having sat and filled out the family tree etc the other day, have nothing else to fill out until it's born next April, was thinking I might use that time to put all the missing bits in ym 7yo and 3yo's books

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