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To expect soft and chewy cookies to be SOFT AND CHEWY!

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NorthernLurker · 23/10/2007 13:18

Bought two bags of cookies from a well known supermarket yesterday. They are advertised as being 'soft and chewy' and in my previous extensive experience they always are.

This lot are a disaster - absolutely rock had - they are inedible. Not out of date till tomorrow either. Outraged I rang the store and complained, the chap on the phone said I could take the packaging back for a full refund.

I'm now a bit embarassed that I've mad a fuss about some disappointing cookies so help me out here AIBU?

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Furball · 23/10/2007 13:21

not if they were inedible. I quite often take things back to sainsburys, they are really good about it.

You should have seen my homemade flapjacks - smash your teeth in they would


RustyBear · 23/10/2007 13:21

I always squeeze my cookies before I buy them (outside the wrapper, of course)
I don't buy them unless they squidge.


mishymoo · 23/10/2007 13:22

YANBU - if it doesn't do what it says on the label (false advertising and all that)... take it back and get some more!

P.S. I love soft and chewy cookies!


NorthernLurker · 23/10/2007 13:52

I'm going to have start squeezing my cookies before purchase evidently :O

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NorthernLurker · 23/10/2007 13:53

That should be not :O

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EffiePerine · 23/10/2007 13:57

You can make great soft cookies using sour cream - will try and find a recipe


MaryBleedinShelley · 23/10/2007 13:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NorthernLurker · 23/10/2007 14:04

I'll be walking to the shop so it should just about be worth my while - besides I am OUTRAGED and the knowledge of my own righteousness will carry me far

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EffiePerine · 23/10/2007 14:23

What about this?


NorthernLurker · 23/10/2007 16:31

not keen on white chocolate sorry - but thanks for the thought - suppose I could try adapting the recipe....

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