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to think this is wrong?

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2shoescreepingthroughblood · 22/10/2007 17:04

Ok nothing what so ever to do with me.
But made me think
Person I know has 2 children
Both in their 20's
girl is oldest.
girl meets boy. wants to spend nights to gether.
Mother won't allow it in her house. so girl moves out. and into bf house.(now got their own house)
Boy meets girl. wants to spend nights together. Mother allows it.
what do you think?

OP posts:

ledodgy · 22/10/2007 17:07

It doesn't seem fair I agree but did the |Boy meets girl one happen after the girl meets boy one becuase if so perhaps she doesn't want to risk her son moving out as well?


motherhurdicure · 22/10/2007 17:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

amytheearwaxbanisher · 22/10/2007 17:09

dont think its right maybe shes afraid she will push her son out too,or maybe she thinks its diferent for girls then boys as my father would say boys can look after themselves girls cant


NAB3 · 22/10/2007 17:09

Maybe she doesn't want the boy to move out too.


2shoescreepingthroughblood · 22/10/2007 19:51

you could have apoint and of couse I don't know all the ins and outs.
just made me wonder if people still have the old fashioned double standards for boys iynwim( i will have to face this one day yikes)

OP posts:

bookwormmum · 22/10/2007 20:07

Seems unfair but a lot of people do seem to think like that.

How old are/were the relative parties?


talulasmum · 22/10/2007 20:09

i would allow it for both.

a daughter thats in her 20s ??

might understand if she was 17 or something.


BroccoliSpears · 22/10/2007 20:12

Sounds like my family .

When dp used to stay over he was strictly in the spare room and I swear my dad would have sat on the landing with a shotgun all night if he could. My younger brother on the other hand? Oh "it would do him good to sow some oats - that's the way lad!" etc etc.

Meanwhile, back in the 21st century...


WotzaZombie · 22/10/2007 20:13

sleeping together: not sure. Maybe the mother didn't like the dds boyfriend. Who knows!

leaving home: maybe there was a huge difference ie: mature, sensible, good with money (credit card debt) various reasons for the mother to be more concerned about one leaving home.


cktwo · 22/10/2007 20:42

It doesn't suprise me one bit. Girls always get treated differently to boys.

I spent my teenage girls having running battles with my parents. My brother sailed through those years even though he did way more stupid things than me
eg. being brought home unconcious by his mates after drinking too much. They found him in a Curry's doorway! He was 16!!!!!!!
If I had done that they'd have gone bonkers!


LittleMissNervoustWitch · 22/10/2007 20:50

went through a similar thing with my parents, i had to be home earlier than my younger brother, always had to wash the dishes and help with house work. stuff like that. Was mainly my father as he looked after us most of the time while mum was at work.
anyway i rebelled and ended up 17 and pregnant (not saying it was dads fault, i was irresponsible, but he didnt help with his unfair attitude to me being a girl)

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