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Im pissed right off with my 'D'P!

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tiredemma · 21/10/2007 12:18


Right- I work a night shift on friday night so get home yesterday morning at 8am- go straight to bed- have to get up at 11am as DP and DS1 have a mini rugby tag tournament, as ds2 would wander off while DP is coaching the mini team, he has to stay at home with me.
Mini tournament finishes and DP 'has' to go and 'socialise' with others at the tournament- gets back at 4pm.

We had arranged to meet friends at rugby club last night to watch the England V S.A game- so I rush about getting ready for 6.30 to get over there.

Watch the match- boys are getting tired wanting to go home etc ( ds1 felt ill also)
So I call a taxi and say that I am taking DC home- I tell DP to stay on and get a taxi home with his friend when the club closes ( Im thinking about 11.30pm)

2am Dp rolls in, hammered and stinking of indian food.

Get up this morning DS1 has vomitted everywhere so I have to clean that up.

9am Dps mate knocks the door to take him and ds1 to Rugby (DP is minis coach)- so off DP goes but Ds1 stays at home as he has high temp and generally feels shite.

I phone DP to tell him to get some nurofen and a new thermometer on the way home.

just ring him to see if he is on his way home "Just popping into have a chat with some of the lads"

FFS! Im knackered- I have work again this afternoon at two, DS1 is feeling shit, ds2 is being a shit.

Why cant I just swan off and 'socialise'????

I realise he does do a good thing by giving up every sunday to coach the mini tag team- but this weekend has taken the piss.

I dont care if i am being unreasonable, im bloody tired.


OP posts:

ArmadilloDaMan · 21/10/2007 12:20

I'd be pissed off in your shoes.

IN fact I'd be bloody fuming.

IS he always like this on a weekend or is this a one off?


kimibobbingforapples · 21/10/2007 12:21

He is a git, have some chocolate.


colditz · 21/10/2007 12:22

You can just swan off and socialise, just as easily as he does. You just DON'T. He HAS taken the piss, you know that.

Locate him, tell him he must come home NOW. NOW. He has family responsibilities that he is skiving out of, and you have the right to an hours peace to get ready for work.


tiredemma · 21/10/2007 12:23

well he does the kids rugby every sunday- but ds1 is normally with him.

OP posts:

colditz · 21/10/2007 12:23

And, I must add, I'd wipe my bottom with his toothbrush.


tiredemma · 21/10/2007 12:24

Colditz- I cleaned the toilet with his toothbrush once. He still lived.

OP posts:

dooley1 · 21/10/2007 12:24

Can't they take it in turns to do the coaching?
It seems very unfair you do shift work and he's never there on a Sunday


tiredemma · 21/10/2007 12:25

He loves the coaching- and to be fair he is very good at it and DS1 loves him being the coach.

OP posts:

susiecutiebananas · 21/10/2007 12:29

you need to sleep! you have had 3 hours sleep on saturday morning. no wonder you are tired.
i would be on the phone to him now, and tell him to get home NOW. its bloody hard doing shifts and also ,swapping from nights to days with actually no day off inbetween!

why the hell do they consider the day following your night as a day off, when you have worked for at least 8 hours of it? i've never understood that one on the offduty. when i did it, i made sure that it was never counted.

anyway, back to DP... he need sto be home now so you can lie down if only for half an hour. he just need to tell his mates you are working, and leave.

selfish bugger.


kindersurprise · 21/10/2007 12:31

He is out of line, not fair on you at all, especially when DS1 is ill.


susiecutiebananas · 21/10/2007 12:31

you actually wont be fit to practice if you dont get some sleep and rest. tell him to think of your patients too


Meglet · 21/10/2007 12:35

YANBU. He is an arse. Try and talk some sense into him when he gets home. Sorry you are feeling crap today ((((hugs)))))

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