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to be p*ssed off with thorntons

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puppydavies · 20/10/2007 19:35

for putting 4 turkish delight in a box. there are 13 different chocs in the range, 14 spaces in each layer and they put an extra turkish delight in both layers

don't try telling me they're the most popular one cos i don't believe it. no fecker likes turkish delight.

OP posts:

aviatrix · 20/10/2007 19:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

PestoPumpkinMonster · 20/10/2007 19:36

I loooooooooooooove Turkish Delight nad I'm not a fecker if you please.....


sunshineonarainyday · 20/10/2007 19:42

YANBU - I hate Turkish Delight!


puppydavies · 20/10/2007 19:42

will cat offending chocs to ppm

OP posts:

PestoPumpkinMonster · 20/10/2007 19:43

Ooooh thank you PuppyDavies!!


Frizombie · 20/10/2007 19:44

dh says its true!he had them in his M&S chocs recently as extras too, and he's thrown them away. We all hate them here!


kindersurprise · 20/10/2007 19:47

My Dad is the only person I know who likes Turkish delight. YANBU.


lubyluby · 20/10/2007 19:49

ooh the only turkish delight i like is the thorntons ones!


Pickie · 20/10/2007 19:50

this post reminded me DH got large box of Thorntons yesterday so went and tried one. Really like them so ate them all!

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