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To expect an invitation to my SILs birthday drinks?

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Lowflyingbat · 18/10/2007 16:40

I am writing on here really because I want to vent. It is my brother's wife's birthday tomorrow and I have just found out from a mutual friend that she is having a party tomorrow night. I didn't know anything about it (despite asking my brother what he was planning for her birthday). They think they are very "cool" and I think I don't fit into their world now that I have had a baby and am a couple of sizes bigger than I was. I am ridiculously upset about it. I feel like crying and know I am being silly and that's why I am writing about it on here and not saying anything to any family or friends about it. Argh - baby woken up and crying... gotta go!

OP posts:

MaryAnnSingletomb · 18/10/2007 16:45

that is a bit mean of them - sorry to hear they have hurt your feelings Lowflyingbat


YeahBut · 18/10/2007 16:50

Not nice. Arrange yourself an amazing night out asap for the same day so you won't be stuck at home seething (as I would be).


heifer · 18/10/2007 16:55

well I wouldn't dream of inviting my sils (or brothers) to my party tbh - have always had the policy of not mixing friends and family together....

This may of course change for my 40th, but if I was having a normal party at our house then I really don't think I would invite them...

Would happily have them over another time for a drink/dinner etc, but no wouldn't invite them to a drinks party...
and nothing to do with not being cool enough etc, just friends are friends and family is family...


MaryAnnSingletomb · 18/10/2007 17:02

My db and SIL are a fair bit younger than me and we live miles apart so don't really socialise apart from family things of course (and I'd say we are a close family) - we have different friends - I used to more when we were younger though. If it was a big party I'd prob. be invited- a 40th for example, but wouldn't expect to go to anything else, but it sou7nds as though Lowflyingbat's don't live that far away and have more contact than my brother & I.


Journey · 18/10/2007 17:08

It wasn't nice of your brother not to be honest with you.

Please don't put yourself down. The reason you weren't asked will have nothing to do with your size or the fact you've had a baby.


Lowflyingbat · 18/10/2007 17:52

I hear what some of you are saying but my brother, sister and I are close and socialised together a lot before I got pregnant. My sister was invited. It's hard not to feel a little offended. I also can't help thinking that it's because I no longer fit into their perfect, beautiful, celeb packed, coke snorting world.

OP posts:

boolepew · 18/10/2007 17:57

What celebs? Couldn't you blackmail them? Sorry to be flippant, but they don't sound like the sort of people to get upset about, if they are really that shallow. Sorry that you're upset though.


constancereader · 18/10/2007 18:00

I don't blame you for being upset, especially as you obviously saw a lot of them before. Am I understanding correctly, you are the only sibling not going?

Go out for dinner at a fab place instead. (If you can get a babysitter!)


newgirl · 18/10/2007 19:10

is it because you just had a baby and they think you wont want to go? no idea - just wondering if they had a certain idea in their heads

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