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To not want my bofriends ex girlfriend on his facebook

11 replies

padington · 18/10/2007 11:27


OP posts:

LadySnotAlot · 18/10/2007 11:41

Hmmmmmm tricky one...

Lots of people do have them on there don't they?

I don't have mine on there as I think DH would flip his lid and I don't want to offend his sensitivity on the subject.


booge · 18/10/2007 11:44

I have a couple and so does DH (ex girlfriends), it's not an issue.


Caroline1852 · 18/10/2007 11:51

Do you not want them on his Facebook or not want them to exist at all?


kama · 18/10/2007 11:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pigletmaker · 18/10/2007 13:44

No I don't think that's unreasonable. But its going to be hard a) to get him to the point of deleting them and b) dodging their email asking why?


padington · 18/10/2007 13:49

there are pics on there of his ex in skimpy outfitts ,i was not impressed, if she's in his past then way can't she stay there, not usually the jelous type but this made me pissed off, she has also been messageing him it makes me feel abit paranoid

OP posts:

pigletmaker · 18/10/2007 13:51

ah, that's different - its invasive.

Are you on Facebook? Can you ask her to join you as a "friend".

It might make a subtle point?


nappyaddict · 18/10/2007 13:55

it depends. if they are still good friends then i can't see it as a problem.


meemar · 18/10/2007 14:01

I can't see it's a problem unless you have trust issues with him anyway.

As for the skimpy outfits - she's probably not just doing it for his benefit - all her facebook friends will be able to see those pics.


bosscat · 18/10/2007 14:10

I know facebook is different things to different people but I just have genuine friends on there, people I want to see pics of my kids and who I enjoy chatting to. Either friends I'm with now, or good work colleagues or old friends I only see once a year due to locations. Unless he's still good friends with her which it doesn't sound like or you wouldn't have been bothered about facebook, can't see why he'd want her on his list?


meemar · 18/10/2007 14:24

I agree bosscat - it does depend how you use facebook. I use it like you do, but my DH has about 150 friends because he uses it to get in touch with anyone and everyone from his past!

Some of them he's just made the initial contact with and others he messages more regularly, including exes and I don't have a problem with it.

Padington - whether you are being unreasonable depends on why you don't want them to be friends on Facebook. If you are genuinely worried about infidelity you need to get to the bottom of it with your BF. If it is just irrational jealousy because your boyfriend had a past, then you need to sort out your own issues - you can't dictate who he can be friends with.

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