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To want to go on holiday WITHOUT my kids?

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babalon · 17/10/2007 23:06

I want to go sking next January without my dd10 and ds1 8. The baby was never going to come ( ds2 15 months) but we have taken other kids twice not jan 07 but 2 years before that.

We are not rolling in money we scrape by but I love sking and would rather do that than summer holiday. I also get a break from dh who is usually in a different group than me.

DH says that dd would never forgive us if we go without her. But he lies in bed until I kick out 2 kids and me in ski wear! It's my 30th in January aswell and I just want to please myself for once (actually would love to go on my own but even harder to ditch DH. (DS1 really not bothered about skii)ng


OP posts:

babalon · 17/10/2007 23:07

Thats KIT out

OP posts:

moondog · 17/10/2007 23:07


I am thinking along the same lines actually!
(Who will yuo go with?)


sKerryMum · 17/10/2007 23:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington · 17/10/2007 23:10

i think it would look better if you ditched dh - to the kids.

and owe him a holiday without you and kids.

take a friend and drink wine and eat fondue


babalon · 17/10/2007 23:14

arrrh very tempting!
and he went sking without me and kids when I was pregnant!!!!!!

I'd take my sister but she gets a nauseous reaction to skiing took her when she was 8 weeks pregnant

Hey Moondog how's about it

OP posts:

Tortington · 17/10/2007 23:17

sounds like your owed - big time.


JennaJ · 18/10/2007 08:55

Go without and dh often go on hols without each other..admittedly when he goes I look after the kids and when I go I take the kids..but for me the best part of the holiday is having the children with me on my own (but its not skiing so totally different).

Take a friend and have a ball...



incogneato · 18/10/2007 09:06

"and he went sking without me and kids when I was pregnant!!!!!! "
errrrrr, double standard or what??
yes, go without all of them, if dh wants to take the children then let him


Anna8888 · 18/10/2007 09:18

My partner goes ski-ing once or twice a winter without me and the children (and we also go once all five of us). He adores ski-ing and I have no problem with him going on his own as long as I get to go somewhere too - usually to my parents', who I am pleased to visit without him.

Go on your own - and let your DH take the children to his parents' house.


cantgetcomfy · 18/10/2007 09:33

DH and me have just came back from two weeks in the south of france without DS (not as exotic as it sounds - we were camping!) - was great fun and and pretty much our first holiday away on our own since we've been together (10 yrs). Have to say it done us the world of good and are both close than we were before we went when things were a bit rocky.

DS hasn't been left out and is currently on a weeks holiday in Majorca with his granny and papa.

Only down side is its nearly three weeks without DS - missing him terribly but I now he's having a ball!!

Go for it!


maisemor · 18/10/2007 15:50

Definately go alone or with a friend or your sister if she can get past the nausea feeling. Mother of 3 wow you deserve it.


StIncognita · 18/10/2007 15:59

Oh, bloody hell yes, go on your tod. I'm absolutely pining to go on holiday on my own to Walsingham or Glastonbury, but it ain't going to happen. So I shall transfer all my oomph to you. GO!!


muppetgirl · 18/10/2007 16:00

We went skiiing to Kaprun this feb without ds1 (but later found out we came back with ds2 iykwim 38 weeks atm )

MIL had ds1 -3

Had a wail of a time and only had 1 wobble moment on the plane when I started to REALLY cry 'I miss him' to which dh replied 'I don't mean to be rude but are you going to do this all week?'
Dh fab skiier and me in the beginners meant we had time to ourselves and time together. Went out to dinner, spa-ed together.
Phoned ds every night he said he was 'too busy to talk to us'.

Next year we were going to take ds but as I'm 38 weeks prgt we aren't but dh is going to go with a friends hubbie for a short ski break. Whay shouldn't he/we go for a break?
We have no family near us, don't go out much at all so 1 week a year I think is fine. + keeps our relationship on track which is a really good example to set for your dc.


motherinferior · 18/10/2007 16:00

In the name of God, go. On your OWN


nimnom · 18/10/2007 16:07

For the last 3 years my dh has qualified for a six day trip to Caribbean through work. The first two years we went with dc (now 5 & 2) but this year kids were banned so we had to go on our own. I did shed a tear when I dropped them off at the In-Laws, but it was fantastic having the break and I really hope we can do it again next year . My kids had a fantastic time with the grandparents and I think it turned out being good for all of us.
Go for it!


Meeely2 · 18/10/2007 16:13

I'm going to portugal for a week next year alone - my in laws have just bought an apartment and DH is going ski-ing without us in March so I'm owed!

Go ON YOUR OWN, it will be fab!


imagineafullnightsleep · 19/10/2007 08:56

Me and dh go somewhere every 3 months on our own - nothing exotic, unfortunately the bank balance wouldn't allow it, and it's usually only 2/3 days - but ds (13 months) goes to one of the grandparents, and we get to be young, carefree adults for a few days. We don't live anywhere near family (c.250miles) so week to week we don't really get to go out very much (I'd say maybe once a month or once every 6 weeks we might get a night out together when we rope a friend into babysitting !) I dont' feel guilty at all. Would happily go on my own as well. Did our first trip when ds was 5 weeks old !! I know that sounds a bit early to some people, but I feel it keeps me sane ! Go for your life. It's one week in a whole year - with 3 kids, you definitely deserve it.


ssd · 19/10/2007 09:00

I can't advise, haven't the help or the money to go anywhere on my own, haven't been away a night from kids in nearly 10 years

so a bit horrified you'd leave them and a bit jealous you can!


ssd · 19/10/2007 09:03

I can't advise, haven't the help or the money to go anywhere on my own, haven't been away a night from kids in nearly 10 years

so a bit horrified you'd leave them and a bit jealous you can!


WideWebWitch · 19/10/2007 09:04

You are NBU, go.


Blackduck · 19/10/2007 09:07

Do it....

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