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to expect mouse traps to catch my mouse???

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xXxspookyxXx · 17/10/2007 15:08

discovered we have a mouse on saturday this thing runs around in front of us has no fear and has managed to set off the traps and eat the food without getting caught!im not usually freaked out by mice ive had one before only heard it in the walls and only saw it when it was dead but this one comes out to say hello everymorning!!!

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francagoestohollywood · 17/10/2007 15:11

we had a big problems with mice last winter. but we bought one of those ultrasound machine at B&Q (the most expensive ) and it does seem to work


blazingsandals · 17/10/2007 15:13

Yeah, they are getting smarter, we used to use kill traps. Now we have these rentokil traps with poison in, they walk in, scoff the poison and leg it and then die an hour later. The ultrasound machines are crap imho at scaring mice though they do detune analogue radios remarkably well.


xXxspookyxXx · 17/10/2007 15:14

how much are they?think i might have to get one its my first winter in this house and there is a river 25 feet away so i think its going to get worse!

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xXxspookyxXx · 17/10/2007 15:15

im a bit wary off putting poison down as ds is 2 and if it can fit in his mouth it goes in his mouthexcept his dinner of course

OP posts:

francagoestohollywood · 17/10/2007 15:19

I'll ask dh how much it was. it deos work, we caught 7 mice before buying it and since then we aven't seen one. it creates a magnetic field or whatever that keeps them away. poison is no good as they can go and die under the floorboards and smell.


blazingsandals · 17/10/2007 18:23

Well these are what we use and we put them under the kitchen cupboards etc. The mice come in to eat and then go out to die. Works for us!


Turquoise · 17/10/2007 18:36

What are you putting on the trap foodwise? Peanut butter is best, they love it but can't run off with it so BAM! Gotcha.


PrincessAfterLife · 17/10/2007 18:38

Everyone will hate you if you use it (and me for suggesting it) but mouse glue really does work.


xxoddball · 17/10/2007 21:14

try putting bacon on trap too - this always works with us.


mrsmerton · 17/10/2007 21:18

We put down 'humane' traps, the ones that tip up. Put them along the walls, where they usually run. You can put poison in them, then the mouse can't get back out and die under your floorboards. Mice now are so brazen! Not like the mice in my day....


JoFan · 17/10/2007 21:26

we're fresh out of mouse glue in our house



PrincessAfterLife · 18/10/2007 07:48

mouse glue - although had to PMSL when I saw that they are offering USED packs for sale!!!

The mouse gets stuck on the glue and can't escape, at which point you have to of it. So not for the weak-hearted.


JoFan · 18/10/2007 11:59

second-hand mouse glue only good for second-hand mice

all my mice are new


LittleMissVampireSlayer · 18/10/2007 12:12

i have a mouse too! i dont want to kill it but it manages to get into the humane traps, eats the food and gets out again, its houdini reincarnated! i have ordered one of those ultra sonic plugin thingies on the net but its not come yet because of the postal strike

knowing my luck it will be a deaf mouse and the sonic rays wont affect it


dizzydo · 18/10/2007 12:30

I second the glue strips, vile but you'll get desperate enough soon


EffiePerine · 18/10/2007 12:35

Humane traps don't work. Plastic traps don't work. Sonic things don't work. Kill them with an old-fashioned spring trap with a BIG SPIKE (they sell them for £1 in DIY shops). We finally seemed to have got rid of ours, but they are awful.


EffiePerine · 18/10/2007 12:36

re the glue stips, if they get stuck they scream . So depends how strong your nerves are. I was ready to camp out in the kitched with a shotgun by the end...


Macdog · 18/10/2007 12:42

I glued the bait on to the sprung mousetrap, stopped the wee b*gger in it's tracks.
I also second the poison bait box, the poison is enclosed.

I'd not thought about poison in a humane trap before, that makes sense


EffiePerine · 18/10/2007 12:43

don't use those plastic re-usable trap things they are CRAP. Our mice were moving them round the kitchen and using them as small larders (while set).


pigletmaker · 18/10/2007 13:46

Old fashioned / reusable traps.

Bait - best for catching I've found has been either tuna fish (tinned) or peanut butter

Caught 7 in 2 days and no returns. Any others must have scarpered.


PrincessAfterLife · 18/10/2007 15:57

Good tuna tip, PM, will remember that for future reference.

Effie's right. They do scream. Better to build up a lot of hate against them in order to be able to cope with it. But the aadvantage (if you can call it that) is that, if you live in the sticks, the screaming will attract a fox or cat pretty quickly and nature will do its thing.


imagineafullnightsleep · 19/10/2007 08:47

Had a horrid problem with mice in my old house (15 feet from a railway line - think they came from there), and they got really cocky. Would come out when we were all in the kitchen and sit next to the table ! I hate the damn things. Tried every kind of trap known to man kind - but the little sods used to pick the food up, or hurdle the traps !! Ended up buying one of those plug in things. Apparently, they send a signal type thing (apologies for the lack of technical speak here !) through your electircal cables. 24 hours later - no mice. Lived there for 4 years after this problem started, and never saw another mouse as long as the electrical thing was switched on. They cost about £50 but they are brilliant.


EmsMum · 19/10/2007 08:55

We don't get mice in the house... but regularly in the roof. Beats me how they get up there from the outside! Poison works (and is safely away from dog and child up there). I expect our insulation has lots of little mummified bodies in it. DH put a spring trap up there the first time, it must have caught just a leg or tail cos the next night there was this awful dragging and bumping - we felt so guilty.(and DH never found the trap again).


mylittlefreya · 19/10/2007 09:41

Get a cat?

No mice and lots of furry snuggles.

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