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To be annoyed that 'history' is always in black and white

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bran · 17/10/2007 10:35

Actually probably am being unreasonable, but I'm irritated out of all proportion that photographs of the "The Great Storm" are being shown in b&w. At first I just thought it was slightly odd, but then I realised that all the news websites seemed to be doing it. Even the tv program last night showed photographs taken at the time in b&w.

I know it happened a generation ago, but we did have colour photography then, so why not show it in colour. [grr] Does everyone under 20 yrs old think that colour photography is recent? Or did they do it to emphasise that it's historical?

Do I actually have a problem with b&w photographs, or am I really angry that it makes me feel old that I was an adult during an historical event that some of my work colleagues are too young to remember.

OP posts:

NotQuiteCockney · 17/10/2007 10:37

The Guardian ran morning-after photos (from then and now) in colour on the weekend.


NotQuiteCockney · 17/10/2007 10:38

In the paper, it could be done because that particular page is printed in B+W? It doesn't explain the TV programs and websites, though.

(I invited you to a thing tonight, didn't I? Oh, and if you could be tempted by a Big Gay Club night on Saturday, there's one going, in Bethnal Green.)


bran · 17/10/2007 10:46

I didn't read that much in the papers, although it makes sense that if a photo had to be printed in b&w on the page the it will also be b&2 online. I'm still that they were b&w on BBC online and MSN news, and on the tv programme.

You did invite me, and I'm pretty sure I replied, though it's very possible that I only thought I replied. I'd already agreed to go to a mummies' night out, it's a regular thing with local mums.

I'm really not a nightclub person at all, crowds in enclosed dark spaces make me very anxious. (Dates back to a horribly tragic fire that happened in Ireland when I was a teenager. The reporting was gruesome and detailed and it still springs straight into my mind whenever I'm in a crowded enclosed space.)

OP posts:

NotQuiteCockney · 17/10/2007 10:59

Ah, then this club will absolutely Not Work. It is crowded and dark. Sorry to hear clubs make you unhappy. Will remind you for the next mums dinner thing.

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