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to ask DF to get up in night for a few weeks whilst we try and get DS2 to sleep through the night

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bealcain · 17/10/2007 07:38

sorry, bit of a long title there.

ok so, DS2 is 8months at the end of October and has never slept through the night. we've tried a few things (when i say we i mean 'i've') I'm breastfeeding and i usually just put him straight onto breast when he wakes up to get him back to sleep and then lay him down again. As much i dont really mind this, i'm absolutely shattered and cant rest during day because of DS1.

So he had his 8month review yesterday, everything was fine except this sleeping thing. so the Paed nurse gave some suggestions to try at night, however they all involved DF having to get up and comfort babe so that he didn;t smell me. He was a bit like 'well why should i get up with him, i've got to work the next day!' So he did get up the first time with him. the other thing about my DF is tht he has no patience and things have be right first time. So he settled him, took about 15mins and then 20mins later he was back up again. DF was swearing to high heaven and was really huffy about gettin up. i had explained to him that it would be hard and the reasnos as to why i couldn't go to him.

AM i being unreasonable? should it be me that gets up? We're both obviously a bit tired this morning, but he was really short tempered with the kids. we're having our own problems anyway. this just reinforces the fact that i dont like his parenting methods. Can it work if you both differ so much?

Sorry it's so long

OP posts:

feelingfedup · 17/10/2007 08:19

no point asking him to do it if he is just going to take it out on everyone the next day.
maybe he is just a lazy bas..... but is it really worth the aggro to make him get up at night.

points to more fundamental problems in your relationship. you don't like his 'parenting', you don't like his attitude. Is this a sustainable relationship?


bealcain · 17/10/2007 08:22

FFU - no probably not.

it just annoys me as he;s the one that wants DS2 to sleep through the night. i;d lvoe him to just be in bed with me!!!

OP posts:

helenhismadwife · 17/10/2007 10:18

maybe not the best time to start trying it in the middle of the week, why not start it on friday when df doesnt havent to get up for work the next day, then he can get up in the night and stay in bed in the morning. If he complains remind him that its him who wants your ds to sleep through and that you would happily take him bed with you.
I hope you get it sorted lack of sleep is awful

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