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I mean, it IS only October still, isn't it? We DO still have over 2 months until the dreaded C day, or maybe I am imagining things

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bunnyhunny · 16/10/2007 21:19

But I SWEAR I saw baubles and glitter and tinsel on the adverts on C4 just then!!!

That is a bit too f*ing early!!!!!!

Can't they AT LEAST wait until the clocks go back?!!??!

OP posts:

ladymariner · 16/10/2007 21:21

Couldnt agree more, bunnyhunny, I love christmas - when it is christmas!!!!


bunnyhunny · 16/10/2007 21:21

Christmas makes me want to rant! Just generally.

OP posts:

ladymariner · 16/10/2007 21:25

The sad part is that it all starts to insidiously get to you without you realising. My bf and I were chatting the other day and caught ourselves talking about what we were buying people as xmas gifts!!! ffs!!!! We stopped ourselves!!! And the supermarkets all have wrapping paper and stuff in - aarrghhh.


MaureenMLove · 16/10/2007 21:29

DFS and Argos are both running ads with sodding Christmas music already!


ladymariner · 16/10/2007 21:37

Years ago i used to work in bhs and they put the flipping christmas shop in at the beginning of october!!! Probably still do, thinking about it, and I really, really hated it. And I hated working on that particular part (aswell as every other part!) and having to pretend to be christmassy when it wasn't even November.
But what really p...ed me off was taking the decorations down before we were allowed to go home on Christmas Eve so that we could put the sale banners up ready for St Refunds Day, the day after Boxing Day
Gosh, that was a rant! But it still rankles......


bunnyhunny · 16/10/2007 21:40

Last year I was 8 months pregnant, and I got stuck in IKEA. I was getting majorly stressed, then found myself in the Christmas section.
We dumped everything, and ran away.
The bright lights make my head go funny

OP posts:

ladymariner · 16/10/2007 21:40

I work as a TA in a primary school now, have done for the last 7 years, and I love it, all the kids practising for the nativity play, all moulting tinsel and mardy shephards and cardboard angels
Now thats more like Christmas! But we don't start doing all that till December - hurrah!! As I said earlier, I love Christmas when it's actually Christmas!


somersetmum · 16/10/2007 21:42

It is ten weeks exactly until the big day, hope this helps


ladymariner · 16/10/2007 21:44

Speaking of getting majorly stressed, bunny, a woman made the front page of our local paper last Christmas for doing just that in M&S, she got so fed up waiting to pay in the queue she threw her Christmas cake to the floor and stamped all over it!!!! Hardle earthshattering news but every woman I know said we knew just how she felt


TheYoungVisiter · 16/10/2007 21:46

I was in John Lewis at the weekend and there were Christmas decorations all over the shop. WRONG!


bunnyhunny · 16/10/2007 22:17

ladymariner - yes! i know that feeling so well.
bet it was satisfying for her too!

OP posts:

helenhismadwife · 17/10/2007 10:05

Never mind christmas Im looking forward to the hot cross buns being in the shops on boxing day


throckenholt · 17/10/2007 10:14

it drives me nuts too -especially now I have kids. They have no sense of how long it is till Christmas - and justifiably think it must be soon when they see all that crap in the shops and on the tv.

How do you explain to a 5 year old that Christmas is an eon away despite what the shopes are selling. Doubly annoying when they know their birthday is soon after Christmas and start getting excited about that too.


HysterSister · 17/10/2007 12:02


HysterSister · 17/10/2007 12:03

That went wrong - supposed to be Santa!

Obv tech is policing premature ejaculation of Santa emoticons ...

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