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To begin to hate Face book Scrabulous cos strange men u are randomly playing start saying hello to you and calling you by your first name in a creepy way!!!

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DabblesInDarknessWithALightOn · 16/10/2007 20:39

I just ignore them, but seems a bit over friendly... might just have to go back to the scrabulous site...

OP posts:

boo64 · 16/10/2007 21:01

I've never tried Scrabulous but there's another Scrabble one I use called Quadplex which is pretty good - although you have to pay (is Scrabulous free?)


rosmonster · 16/10/2007 21:19

I agree with you, can understand why they probably do it but I just ignore them, I've not had any really persistent ones so far!

Boo, scrabulous is free, you can get it through Facebook or on the scrabulous website

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