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To want to beat the window sales person with my frying pan!!!

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Pinions · 16/10/2007 18:48

OMG. Tea time. Only half hour of the day when

Kids are bathed
Tea has been made and pots cleared
Housework and jobs done
Can at last start to chill out and

Knock, knock.

Hello would you like a quote for double glazing.

Me. No, thanks.

Go on just a quick quote.

Me. No, thank you.

Its just a quick quote, thats all, what name is it please (love).

Me. But we don't want any new windows, thanks. And it's not love.

It won't take a minute, honest, I can see you have got wooden windows. Can I give you a quote, go on its just a quote.

Me. We don't want any windows. We don't want any windows. We don't want any windows!!!

Reply. Well there's no need to be rude .

OP posts:

GreatHauntieWurly · 16/10/2007 18:50

anything like that whether they come to the door or they phone, we mutter 3 little words that makes them run very fast

"we're council tenants"

BTW we're not but it still works.


Lazarou · 16/10/2007 18:54


A friend of ours used to (try and) sell double glazing. IN his training he was told not to leave until he was basically thrown out.


Pinions · 16/10/2007 19:07

And what makes me mad is that:

He is on my drive...

In my time....

Giving me grief about not wanting bloody windows.


OP posts:

kimibobbingforapples · 16/10/2007 19:18

Ok first off tell them you do not own the house and you would have to speak to your landlord, even if you own it tell them you don't and they will go away, this works with everyone but the people trying to "sell" you religion.

Or you could hang a sign on you door as follows......

We do not need new windows,
we are happy with our door,
we don't need carpets cleaning
we have a hard wood floor,
our finances are all sorted
we don't need to make a will,
we have not had any accidents
we are not feeling ill,
Our roof it is not leaking
our tiles they are not loose
our gutters are not broken
we don't need new loo's
I'm quite all right for dusters
I've given to the poor
We already found religion


Pinions · 16/10/2007 19:36


Yeh what is it with people trying to sell religion ????!

OP posts:

kimibobbingforapples · 16/10/2007 19:46

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