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Does he really have to go so early?

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Radley · 16/10/2007 17:55

I've been in bed ill all day with flu, dh prolmised to do some tidying, but, he came home from dropping kids off and announced that he was going for a game of golf with next door neighbour, he came back, asked me to book a taxi to take kids swimming.

I asked why he couldn't do it, and he said that he was going back to the next door neighbours for half hour.

He brought the kids back from swimming (5.30) I asked him if he was having a cuppa and he said 'No, taxi is waiting outside, I'm jumping in with XXX'. the next door neighbour AGAIN

I know it's his pool night but, if he is not going playing pool till about 8.30-9am does he really have to go out so early.

I had it out with him last week and he said he needs to go early to have a few pints because it makes him feel better

I've been left to feed the kids when all i want to do is go to bed, if I mention to him why i'm fed up, he'll say i'm over reacting

OP posts:

foofi · 16/10/2007 17:56

Aagh! Men...


OrmIrian · 16/10/2007 17:58

"he said he needs to go early to have a few pints because it makes him feel better "

Really? If he feels so bad playing pool he might as well stay at home.


Carmenere · 16/10/2007 17:58

Sounds like a twunt to me. I have 'flu and dp rang to see if he goes for one pint. Being there when your partner is ill is one of the most fundemental roles in a parental parnership and if you have flu I would expect him to cancel pool.


mazzystar · 16/10/2007 18:00

no way i would put up with that

illness supercedes all other arrangements, 'tis the law


Radley · 16/10/2007 18:02

He is a twunt you are right. Last tuesday he was supposed to be working night, i couldn't believe it when he called a shift in from someone that he was owed

He says that having a few pints 'gives him confidence' to play pool.

The neighbour has asked him if he fancies a 'late one' by which he means coming in any time from 4am onwards, if dh does that he will

a, be grumpy for the rest of the day
b, be too hungover to do any housework which he has promised to do
c, have to find somewhere else to live for a few days whilst I decide whether i want to live with this behaviour or not

OP posts:

Radley · 16/10/2007 18:03

Oh not to mention get into bed and cuddle up to me because he is freezing, hence, waking me up, and I'm working tomorrow.

OP posts:

Carmenere · 16/10/2007 18:06

Jeez Radley, staying out drinking(because pool is just code for drinking) til 4 am on a Tuesday is really childish.


Radley · 16/10/2007 18:11

I told him it was childish but he wouldn't have it.

Sometimes I wonder why on earth I'm with him

Can't help but think he's going through a midlife crisis.

OP posts:

hertsnessex · 16/10/2007 18:19


think i have posted on a thread of your before. He is not being reasonable with anything, you really need to have a serious talk with him and mean business, as long as he is taking the piss, you are not going to be happy and he has no respect for you it seems.


kindersurprise · 16/10/2007 18:27

Absolutely YANBU. You are ill, he is your H and he shares the responsiblity of your DCs. He is being selfish and needs to grow up.


helenhismadwife · 17/10/2007 09:46

I hope you are feeling a bit better today and had a good nights sleep!

you dp is being a twat


chloesmumtoo · 17/10/2007 09:56

Oh poor you. I dont like that. How many children have you and what age are they. Hope your feeling ok. I have to admit I hate it when men are like this. Very selfish. I would be seriously rethinking my relationship. Trouble is its important to feel cared for isnt it and if they are not there for you when you most need them then whats the point. Sorry that sounds really negative but he needs a good kick up the bum!

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