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I like to have a look in property mags .. I am getting so fed up that every house for sale looks the farkin' same

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TwigorTreat · 14/10/2007 20:29

gawd-orn bennet

cream /white

sometimes a feature wall .. burgandy, brown or big flowery

wood floors, slate floors


when I have a nose I like to see something different

OP posts:

CappuScreamO · 14/10/2007 20:30

i think they have to have run out of good enough houses

my mils Ideal Homes just seem to be full of very average semis with MFI kitchens

when dh (ponce) bought Living Etc it was just gay guys with La Corbusier chairs


TwigorTreat · 14/10/2007 20:31

ahhh I'm just talking the for sale pages of local magazines really .... so real houses

I forgot to mention aubergine .. its the new brown you know

OP posts:

nospeak · 14/10/2007 20:32

What would you like to see instead?


MaryAnnSingletomb · 14/10/2007 20:33

Twig - when I go to book group all the houses look identical - it makes me laugh !


TwigorTreat · 14/10/2007 20:33

I don't know

not Laurence Llewellyn Bowen that's for sure

is it time for wallpaper of various hues to make a return do we think?

(will admit to having oak and almond whites and black granite dull-stuff too)

OP posts:

MrsTittleMouse · 14/10/2007 20:34

God, I don't give a monkeys. I just wish they all weren't so horrendously expensive.


nospeak · 14/10/2007 20:39

hmm quite like wallpaper but our house is too small it would be overpowered. I am thinking of having a dreaded "feature" wall in the bedroom with wallpaper.

We have to be fairly neutal because our house is so tiny but we are tending to go for soft duck egg and greeny colours as I do get bored with cream and white.

I quite like the "shabby chic" look but even that is becoming very popular now.


helenhismadwife · 15/10/2007 13:44

my house is different to the ones in the property pages all shabby and no chic yet, no feature walls in some rooms we actually need to build walls


olala · 15/10/2007 13:54

we have a very unusual design, not often featured in property mags - its magnolia avec weetabix for the dining room, burnt orange avec random felt tip scribblings in the lounge. If we ever sell up, I'll make sure those things feature heavily!

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