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to think that dp is being unreasonable

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SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 13/10/2007 16:00

he's stomping around the house banging doors as I type.. all because I had a convo with the postman this morning!!

Postie knocked to see if I had received a parcel after a bit of hoo-haa with the strike and being left a card etc.. that was all there was to it.. then postie saw my son and commented how I didn't look old enough blah blah.

Dp got out of bed 20 mins ago, came into my study and made a snidey comment about me going to the door in a skimpy nightie (which I didn't) and 'old habits die hard' referring to a part of my past years ago where I had a few short term relationships. I told dp to go check the doorstep for semen stains and to fuck off so he stomped off.

I'm bloody furious and just needed to vent, sorry

OP posts:

nutcracker · 13/10/2007 16:03

He needs to grow up, you ANBU


RosaTransylvania · 13/10/2007 16:05

He is behaving like an arse. YANBU.


MorticiasMother · 13/10/2007 16:06

He's obviously feeling insecure because he knows how gorgeous you are!

Wind him up even more by sending yourself some nice flowers. In fact go and pour yourself a glass of wine and call up some friends to arrange a night out. You might as well go out and enjoy yourself if he's going to be all sulky!


Carmenere · 13/10/2007 16:06

He got out of bed at 3.40? or or you abroad?

He is being a twunt either way.


SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 13/10/2007 16:11

lol, thanks everyone, yes he got up at 3.40 and that was only because I went in the bedroom to plug in our new phone and disturbed him.

morticia'smother, he just brought me a cup of tea, but still not speaking and will probably sulk for the rest of the weekend so I think copious amounts of wine at a friends house later is a good idea

OP posts:

allhallows · 13/10/2007 16:16

That's hilarious! What a grouch. YANBU but there are worse things, like being called a fat cow or an ugly old bat.

Love the comment about checking the doorstep.


tiredemma · 13/10/2007 16:18

I hate lazy men.


Beelliesebub · 13/10/2007 16:21

I chat to my postie all the time, in fact I even give him a lift to the depot if I see him on his way back... bless him! What would your dh make of that?


ThreadyKrueger · 13/10/2007 16:21

I hate jealous men. Because it always involves them blaming you for a shitty emotion that is their problem.


SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 13/10/2007 16:30

gawd knows belliesbub.. he's being a complete arse!

What really made me is the dig about 'old habits dying hard'

adn I agree thready, he's just projecting his own emotions on to me so we can both be pissed off instead of just him

If I was some gorgeous thing it would be kind of understandable but I'm not, I'm nearly 40, fat and going grey, lol

OP posts:

Beelliesebub · 13/10/2007 16:39

I know how you feel about being 40, fat and going grey, I find that blonde highlights disguise the grey rather well, the rest I'm afraid, you're stuck with... like me
As for dh, you wanna tell him to stop being a complete tosser and that the postie's packet's bigger than his... That'll set the cat among the pigeons... lol


SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 13/10/2007 21:11

well, I told him he needed to apologise, he hasn't but..... he cooked dinner and has made me copious cups of tea, went to the shop and bought me sweeties so I think he knows he fuked up, just isn't ready to admit it yet

OP posts:

Beelliesebub · 14/10/2007 16:16


He is saying sorry... sort of... in a manly way...


SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 21/10/2007 13:19


last week it was the postman... this weekend it's because I can talk civilly to my ex-h and he made vague references to me disappearing without letting him know I'm going out or where I'm going? I'm like WTF

I've not been home much this week because my son is in hospital and the reason for the civil phone calls with ex-h is so that we can co-ordinate visiting in order to avoid having to see each other

I'm really getting fed up now

OP posts:

dooley1 · 21/10/2007 13:25

he sounds like a complete a**e to be honest.
Does he have any redeeming features?
Has he always been this way?
Has he reason to feel so insecure?

Do you love him?


SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 21/10/2007 13:29

To be honest dooley.. I don't know anymore. He has no reason to be insecure other than that I am pretty much independent and don't rely on him for anything, if that can be called a reason? most of the time we get along fine and he's fun and nice to be around, just sometimes he gets these weird moods on (and it does seem to be getting more frequent)

the only time I go out without saying anything is if its at the weekend and I go shopping or something early while he's still asleep. he's being bloody ridiculous

OP posts:

dooley1 · 21/10/2007 13:31

how long have you been togther and do you have kids together?


SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 21/10/2007 19:29

been together three years and no kids together, I've got some thinking to do haven't I

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