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To expect DH to put the hot water back on when he's had a bath?

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lissiethevampireslayer · 13/10/2007 14:39

or at least to NOT turn it off when I do?

He made us brunch this morning and moaned at me for putting the heating on because he was hot, so he turned it off. then he had a bath with ds.

we are going out this evening so i just put the shower on to start getting ready (meeting him at 5 but have to take ds to MiLs which is about 1/2h away 1st) and the fecking water's cold.


OP posts:

lissiethevampireslayer · 13/10/2007 15:09

and now im not going out. tosser

OP posts:

cornsilk · 13/10/2007 15:13

Have a shower at MIL's?


hatwoman · 13/10/2007 15:17

not sure you can ask this question as it's the kind of thing where different households mean different rules. at the hat house it's down to whoever wants a bath to think ahead about whether or not there'll be enough hot water - for one thing how is the other person meant to know that you're going to have a bath/shower? and it's a bit extravagant to turn it on just in in our house you'd be being unreasonable. but you're not at our house. I don;t think.


lissiethevampireslayer · 13/10/2007 15:18

she doesnt have a shower, just a bath. arrrrgh and we have one of those ancient systems that takes 7h to heat enough water for a bowl of washing up too

OP posts:

lissiethevampireslayer · 13/10/2007 15:19

lol, now ive calmed down a bit i am being a bit unreasonable, its just that i did put the hot water on but he turned it off, then proceeded to use up all the water that was left in the tank

OP posts:

cornsilk · 13/10/2007 15:20

Leisure centre on the way back from MIL'S for a shower?


lissiethevampireslayer · 13/10/2007 15:20

and i put the hot water on for an hour after ive had a shower, to make sure that there is always enough.

OP posts:

lissiethevampireslayer · 13/10/2007 15:21

lol cornsilk, will go and check it again in a min, see if its lukewarm yet

OP posts:

Megsdaughter · 13/10/2007 15:27

I wa always told to keep the water on, that it costmore to at it from stone cold than to maintain it at a warm temp.


MorticiasMother · 13/10/2007 15:45

Dh always turns off heating and hot water because he is mean and I go around following him to put it back on again.

If he wants a bath he only needs the hot water to be on for 45mins. I need it to be heating up for an hour and a half because I like it to be steaming! But he catches me doing this and turns it off again saying it's hot enough.

Fecking miser!


LazyLinePUMPKINJane · 13/10/2007 15:55

Can you not have the water on without having the heating on?

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