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To think that if you love your dog so much it can p£ss and c$&p in your own garden...

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mumbleboo · 12/10/2007 09:20

...not on my street. I truly find it amazing that people who would be disgusted with drunk men urinating on their street(never mind the other!) or their garden wall think it's ok for their dog to do so. The whole length of our pavement is always covered in puddles of the stuff. That's before you get onto the poo, which even if they bother to pick up obviously there will still be bits of it on the pavement/grass/children's play area. My child and many others walk along the road every day, little kids fall over, they put there hands on the floor etc, their shoes come into the house. It's just truly unbelievable. If your dog is so great and lovely let it do that in your garden, a litter tray outside whatever. Not where other people are trying to enjoy themselves.

OP posts:
mumbleboo · 12/10/2007 17:48

Mumblechum not deliberately!

Lol at the dog pants!

I appreciate that all animals have to go, it's just that it's so obvious and all over where a lot of children have to walk that frustrates me. If it's in the woods or a large park that's not so bad. And obviously you can't totally control where or when your dog needs the loo, and there is the territorial element, it's just when that is the purpose of a dog having a walk, or when no attempt is made to distract them. I think i will just never understand, really don't mean this to hugely offend anyone.

OP posts:
Nbg · 12/10/2007 17:53

pmsl at distracting a dog so it doesnt pee or crap

Have you ever owned a dog mumble?

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