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To be upset that DP is working tomorrow

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lucyellensmum · 05/10/2007 17:24

I dont really mind but when he rang me earlier, he said he really didn't want to work tomorrow (even though i suggested he might have to!). Now i have just rang him to see when he will be home and he announces that he will be working tomorrow.

I know he has to work, but im pissed off because in my mind i was planning a lazy family day with DP and DD. I have hardly seen DP for more than about half an hour a day this week and the past two nights he hasnt been around to put DD to bed (he has been working in the shed actually). Bloody pissed off as sunday will be spent on shopping and general running around.

I know im being unreasonable, he runs his own building company, well he is just establishing it, and he is having to get a job finished that he has already kept a client waiting on due to sudden huge work load (a good thing i guess) but i was really excited at the thought of a proper weekend. Can't remember the last one he didnt have to work or disappear off to the shed at the first opportunity to make fecking staircases!

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pyjamagirlgotbitbyvampires · 05/10/2007 17:27

YABU but i know what you mean I kick off and get grumpy if dp works wneh he was meant to be having a day off


MaryBleedinShelley · 05/10/2007 17:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucyellensmum · 05/10/2007 17:31

i totally agree marybleedingshelly. I will have to be a sex kitten tonight

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MaryBleedinShelley · 05/10/2007 17:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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