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to avoid going to Smuggy Christmas Family Panto with my Aunty and Uncle Perfecto McSmug?

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colditz · 04/10/2007 21:08

I have 2 boys, one who will be 20 months old, the other will be 4.5. The McSmugs are over from the Land of Foreign, and they ARE my favourite relatives, I LOVE them, but they are very rich, and uncle is very very important education job, and had one daughter, late in life, who is nine, and perfect, and docile etc

And I am just .. not. And I know they say that all the family will help, but what will happen is, they will SAY they will help, have no idea whatsoever what it's like trying to physically control 2 small boys, andf I will end up screaming at the to just fudge off you fudging smuggy fudgers.

And I love them and all, but they have not a clue what my life is like at the moment. I'm a single parent, unemployed, and my boys are of course, the best boys in the world, but are a handful.

But ds1 would love the pantomime, the bits he would actually see anyway...

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colditz · 04/10/2007 21:16


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swag · 04/10/2007 21:19

Is there anyone who could look after DS2 while you went with DS1?


TheMegapodeGuru · 04/10/2007 21:20

LOL at your thread title

Well, DS2 is probably far too young, and will wiggle and squeak and generally hate it. So could a) someone look after DS2 while you and DS1 go, or b) could the McSmugs take DS1 on his own? and then maybe go for a McMichelinStarredMeal afterwards?


tizzwhizz · 04/10/2007 21:21

I know they may argue that it isnt fair for just one ds to go (they sound like very reasonable people) but I really dont envy you taking a 20mth old to sit through a panto. Could you maybe suggest that it would be really lovely if they could take ds1 on his own, so he would feel like a big boy and have a treat.

Not sure if thats an option.


colditz · 04/10/2007 21:31

ah. see, I only let paid professionals or parents look after ds1, because he is a Houdini. He might take it into his head to go looking for popcorn, or to go see how those curtains work, or get right to the front of the audience, or go to the toilet on his own. He has run out on people before and will probably do it again. Gettintg someone else to have ds2 is a good idea though, he is in some ways easier to look after!

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Elasticwoman · 04/10/2007 21:33

I think it is perfectly reasonable to avoid taking the toddler, and going with the ds1 to the panto. Toddler is too young, wouldn't appreciate it, might get scared or bored some of the time, and would definitely spoil the experience for you (Colditz), ds1 and possibly others. Not only would ds2 not mind, he probably wouldn't realise what he was missing. Lovely opportunity for ds1 to share some time with Mum, doing something specially for him. Has probably had to defer to baby brother's needs countless times in the past and now deserves this reward.


tizzwhizz · 04/10/2007 21:53

Ah a Houdini - a promising career ahead. I am sure he would be a great help to the theater staff with the curtains. Not to mention entertaining , think of the cracking game of peekaboo that could be played behind those huge curtains. My ds would just try and climb up them. He could even maybe help the cast find out if the baddie really is behind them by checking backstage out. Think the idea of getting someone to have ds2 a good idea.


colditz · 04/10/2007 22:44

Thanks all. Now. Tips for dealing with the inevitable smuggery and miscomprehension of the 'Let them eat cake' kind?

OP posts:

tizzwhizz · 05/10/2007 08:01

Smile ultra sweetly {grin] Just like that, hint of slight madness keeps people on their toes. And say things like "how lovely, "sounds wonderful", Kill them with kindness whilst taking regular breaks to kick something (obviously a soft non living object so as not to cause injury to you or another living creature) or scream into a cushion. If you wanted to really get the party going you could fill a big bowl with Haribo and watch as people bounce off the walls. (oh no hang on strike that your dc's would do the same and you wouldnt get any sleep, sorry didnt think that through)

Erm cant think of anything else - sorry will keep thinking.

ooh - you could print off lots of certificates and things for dc's and frame them if you wanted to be competitve. cbeebies do some crackers particularly impressed with tots tv game one. I'm not really competitive but even I wanted one of those. {grin}


tizzwhizz · 05/10/2007 08:02

Sorry messed up the grin.

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