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Where to find autumn/winter clothes for kids.

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starlet14 · 23/08/2020 17:39

Both kids have had massive growth spurts. They have summer clothes but obviously nearly September and although it can still be sunny they will need lots of new clothes for autumn (long sleeved tops, jeans, jumpers etc).

I have been shopping to browse and looking online and cannot find much. It's all still summery clothes. I guess with covid and shops being shut for a few months they have excess summer stock to get rid of first and or maybe issue with supplies of new season clothes??

Posting here for traffic. Has anyone been shopping and found a store (high street or supermarket) that have a good range of autumnal clothes?

Thank you 😀

OP posts:
Ishihtzuknot · 23/08/2020 17:59

Asda have already started bringing theirs out, good quality and cheap too.

tmh88 · 23/08/2020 18:15

I’ve been thinking the same, I did just get DS some track suit bottoms from primark they were £3.50 a pair for nursery, they were fleecy inside! But struggling for long sleeve tops/jumpers

starlet14 · 23/08/2020 18:30

Thank you. I went to Asda a few days ago. My local small was pretty empty for clothes. Maybe I'll go back in a week or two! 😀

I've also been to primark but it was pretty sparse!

I don't live near any large stores either 😬

OP posts:
dwiz8 · 23/08/2020 18:32

Joules have autumn/winter ranges in stock now. Went yesterday to stock up for DC

Theforest · 23/08/2020 18:48

H&M are always a good bet for kids clothes. They have autumn in.

Probablygreen · 23/08/2020 20:04

Next didn’t have any last week but this week they’re full of autumn clothes, I just had the same problem with DD 🤣
So if you haven’t checked in the last few days, worth checking again

Queenfreak · 23/08/2020 20:06

Sainsbury's have autumn stuff online.
Seconding H&M

ItsmineAllmine · 23/08/2020 20:07

Definitely H&M. Download the app, become a member and you get free p&p. Their kids clothes are fab.

grool · 23/08/2020 20:15

I noticed Morrisons have brought out some of their Autumn clothes. I love Autumn clothes! Cosy bright coloured tights, corded skirts and dungarees, fluffy jumpers. So much nicer than Summer clothes 😁

Londonmummy66 · 23/08/2020 21:00

Zara have their autumn kids collection out - really nice stuff

starlet14 · 24/08/2020 05:59

Thanks all. I just think the shops near me are poop tbh. We don't have a H&M for at least an hours drive. I am tempted to order online but no idea about sizing! Does it come up small?

I have looked at Sainsburys online (it is usually where I get most things for kids) but can't find much on there. There's a large Sainsburys about half an hour away so maybe I'll take a drive down and have a look!

OP posts:
starlet14 · 24/08/2020 06:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starlet14 · 24/08/2020 06:35

I didn't mean to post that last comment in this. Still getting used to the Mumsnet app.. (usually use browser). Was meant to be a new post sorry 🤣

OP posts:
GigantosaurusRex · 24/08/2020 07:08

I've been looking for autumn/winter clothes for DS too. I don't know if the shops are late to put the stocks out or I'm jumping the gun. I've had some tops and trousers from H&m but there seem to be very few long sleeved tops around just yet. I did put a big order in online with H&M last month, order processed as normal but 5 days later I had an email stating that it had been cancelled. When I rang customer services they said it had been cancelled due to lack of stock in the warehouse - its put me off ordering again!

Thegirlhasnoname · 24/08/2020 07:11

I’m in the same boat trying to find a cost for toddler DD as most online shops still have macs or fleeces showing in the coat sections. Luckily the weather isn’t cold enough to need it yet but I do like to be prepared!

XiCi · 24/08/2020 07:21

I've bought my autumn clothes for dd so far from H&M and Mango with a couple of things from Next.

iVampire · 24/08/2020 07:24

Asda - I’m at least some shops and online

I know this doesn’t solve your conundrum, OP, but isn’t it brilliant that dummer clothes have been in stock right through the summer this year!!

starlet14 · 24/08/2020 13:03

Thanks all. I think the shops near me are rubbish. Anyone know what the sizing is like with H&M.. been looking online and no idea if it comes up big or small? And some of it is for instance 4-6 years or 6-8 years? Which confuses me. My daughter is in 5-6 which one does she need??

OP posts:
Thegirlhasnoname · 24/08/2020 13:38

I can’t help with the older ages but my almost 2 year old is still 12-18 months from h&m (although she is a bit on the shorter side anyway). I have heard that the legs tend to be longer in H&M sizes though.

Pretty sure they have a size guide when you go to select sizes of the things you want online too which should help

Thereareliterallynonamesleft · 24/08/2020 13:52

I get most of my kids’ clothes online from H&M, the sizes are pretty reliable I would say, but if you’re torn between two sizes go for the smaller one. If you order online from Asda you can click and collect in your local store for free too.

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