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Is he being unreasonable?

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HoHumHa · 04/10/2007 15:56

It is time to vote for the school governors.

DP has refused to consider one candidate because when he saw here queuing in the local shop she was reading the Daily Mail.

He says she that if she didn't realise there was something wrong with buying this paper and was prepared to be seen in public

actually reading it, she does not deserve any votes.

Is this unreasonable or does he have a point?

OP posts:

oatcake · 04/10/2007 15:59


I am sitting on the fence on that one as my dad reads it and is a complete [insert own expletive]


pooka · 04/10/2007 15:59

He can vote for whoever he likes, based on whatever feelings he has about the candidates. Like the cut of his jib.
And let's face it, voting for governors is based on very little campaigning in my experience, so you have to go on the information to hand.

But did she actually buy it, or was she just having a free sneaky peek? And she could ahve been buying it for an elderly relative. And was inwardly cringing as she had an idle flick through before handing it on to said elderly relative?


hunkermunker · 04/10/2007 16:00

Totally unreasonable.

All sorts of reasons she was reading in public - the biggest being she didn't want to actually buy the filthy rag, but she wanted to post on MN about something they'd put on the front cover and had to see what it said first.


EmsMum · 04/10/2007 16:01

She might have been buying it for an elderly parent and just been skimming it out of interest or so she could give said parent a hard time over it.

My MIL gets the Mail ... she is a lifelong Labour voter (on principle rather than class, IYSWIM) - I think she started when all the proper papers were broadsheet and it was the best of a terrible lot in tabloid size. DH reads it when we're there so he can give her hard time!


pooka · 04/10/2007 16:02

Too true HM. Wasn't going to part with honest money for the thing, but was actually being responsible in making sure she'd read it before she made comments.


EmsMum · 04/10/2007 16:45

Heres a happy thought... is the Mail readership going to crash when all current Elderly Relatives die out ?


whiskeyandbeer · 04/10/2007 18:18

of course he's totally reasonable to base his vote on whatever he likes.
why is the daily mail so hated? it's not big here in ireland so i don't think i have ever read it.
is it a real wc paper like the sun or somethng?


vacua · 04/10/2007 18:30

You're not what you read, I've got one friend and one lovely lovely client who both read the Daily Mail and they're warm, funny and interesting people. They don't parrot everything they read, some people like it for the amusing stories about the aristocracy and the women's health section. What a bizarre sort of bigotry, to discriminate against someone on the basis of their daily newspaper.


PatsyCline · 04/10/2007 18:56

I am afraid that I am with your DH on this one. A potential parent governor would lose appeal for me if I saw him/
her with the Mail and I would have even bigger problems with the Express!

Can you judge a book by its cover? The Mail and Express may be wonderful, quality newspapers read by thinking, delightful individuals but if the front pages of either paper are anything to go by then they are gutter press.


HoHumHa · 04/10/2007 18:58

She read it and then bought it.

He said she didn't even hide it.

OP posts:

bookwormmum · 04/10/2007 19:01

I think that the Mail is quite amusing but you have to take 99.99% of it with a pinch of salt. The adulation for members of the 'aristocracy' and tut-tutting at celebrities for almost the same antics makes me cringe.


HoHumHa · 04/10/2007 19:02

lol HM.

OP posts:

Elasticwoman · 04/10/2007 21:24

If you have a choice of whom to vote on to your governing body, you are doing well. I got on because nobody else stood. Either your dh is joking, or too lazy to give the matter serious thought by reading the manifestos (or whateve they're called) and actually finding out what each candidate has to offer.

What do the other candidates read? Sunday Sport, Telegraph, Sun???


Tortington · 04/10/2007 21:29

i think he completely has a point.


RosaTransylvania · 04/10/2007 23:35

I buy the Mail and the Guardian every day. We read the Guardian because we like it and the Mail because DH needs it for work purposes.
But I always make sure the Guardian is on top when I leave the shop.


Lauriefairycake · 05/10/2007 13:23

I do not think it's a good enough reason - it's just a snap shot of a moment in her life and we have NO idea why she bought it.

For example last week on different days I bought all of the newspapers (health sections are on different days) to photocopy articles about coronary heart disease and prevention for a presentation on how different mediums present health issues.

On one of the days I bought the Daily Mail - I was not embarassed by it as I KNEW what I was buying it for.

I would not buy it for any other reason as I find it editorially offensive.

It would be very sad to judge me (the Samaritan/charity worker/psychiatric nurse/womens sexual health worker/foster parent) because of that moment when I bought it.

I hope he tries to find out what she's like.


CountessDracula · 05/10/2007 13:25

Well it would depend

If I didn't know much about any of the candidates and had nothing else to go on then yes it would prob influence my voting


outed · 05/10/2007 13:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

outed · 05/10/2007 13:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vacua · 05/10/2007 17:32

Give me a Daily Mail reader over a Guardian reader any day.

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