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To be pissed off with our local Debenhams, who in their wisdom (not) have decided....

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thelittleElf · 03/10/2007 22:57

to remove all the toys from the playarea in the Restaurant, and replace it with a bloody flatscreen telly and beanbags for the children

I demanded to see the manager, and was fobbed off with the following statement - "because ELC isn't here anymore, we can't afford to replace the toys" WDF!!!!!!

Little Lapin, you might be interested in this as it's the Southsea branch

OP posts:

foofi · 03/10/2007 22:59

Well you don't HAVE to spend your time in there! Take them to the library instead.


thelittleElf · 03/10/2007 23:01

FYI my children are school age, and i was actually complaining on behalf of some other parents who were so scared to say anything!

OP posts:

annh · 04/10/2007 00:34

Foofi, presumably the library does not provide lunch however?! These toys were in the restaurant area of Debenhams!


Califright · 04/10/2007 00:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington · 04/10/2007 00:53

telly sounds good tome whaddya want woman - education toys in the bleedin caff n all?

was in portsmouth today

saw big ships with helicopters on and everything and thought of littlepin


saltire · 04/10/2007 00:55

Yes they all sit around in the port that lot in the Navy, doing bugger all.


Tortington · 04/10/2007 01:00

i know - i was on the sea cat from the IOW turning green as you do - when i saw loads of big grey war ships with big guns n elicopters n everything. to far away to ogle see anyone in uniform.

but i always stifle a giggle when i see the sailor outfits walking past the office where i sometimes work

i mean - proper sailor outfits. dont know what i was expecting


saltire · 04/10/2007 01:04

It when they have knee length shorts and long white socks on that makes me giggle.(sorrY)
of course the RAF uniforms are far better, in there lovely grey/blue shade

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