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DH ex wife knows we are trying for a baby before any of my friends or family!!!

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emmy6781 · 03/10/2007 14:02

When dropping off my step son this weekend his exwife asked "oh I hear you are trying for a baby?" my first response was to say know as I don't want here to know any of my business and to get out of the situation asap. Anyway on the way home I asked him how she found out. He told his Dad, he told his Mum, she told his Sister and she called England and told his ex. So every one on his side knows and yet I can't even tell my mum yet? am I being unreasonable by being really peed of at this????

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slimbyxmas · 03/10/2007 14:09

YANBU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they should not know, none of their business, why did your DH tell anybody????????


kimi · 03/10/2007 14:11

Why cant you tell your mum?


SpookyDooooo · 03/10/2007 14:13

Do people announce that they are going to be trying then? to the world & his wife?


meemar · 03/10/2007 14:22

Not really unreasonable of DH to mention it to his dad tbh. However, he could have said 'we don't want everyone knowing yet' so that just his parents knew.

And I also wondered why can't you tell your mum?


louloulouise · 03/10/2007 14:24

It's like announcing to the world that you're going to be at it like rabbits for the next few months, YANBU - why people feel the need to announce these things I'll never know!

My friends SIL took the hump with her and rang her dad crying when said friend announced she was expecting her 2nd and said she felt betrayed that they hadn't stated they were trying!! (she was also TTC at the time).


emmy6781 · 03/10/2007 14:36

Its not that I can't tell my mum its just I didn't want to say anything till we knew for sure, He didn't even mean to tell his dad it's just that he called while dh was waiting for me to come out of the doctors and it kinda slipped out. the thing that gets me the most is how the news made it from aus to here in a nano second. Makes me wonder what else they are saying with out me knowing. And more to the point what business is it of hers in the first place

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