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to be fed up with being invited to endless "party plan" by people that I don't see otherwise socially?

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Minniethemoocher · 03/10/2007 10:38

The mums at my school are rather "cliquey" and I am painfully shy, so I don't really have any other mums at the gates who I socialise with, e.g go for a coffee with, though I have approached a few, they always seem to be too busy..

Anyway, the only time these mums talk to me is to invite me to various selling parties, clothes, undies, birthday cards,make-up, books, toys, jewelery etc.

I have been to a few, spent money that I haven't got, then been ignored again at the school gates!!

I am being unreasonable/too sensitive?

I have only gone hoping that they would act as "ice-breakers"....

OP posts:

ChantillyLace · 03/10/2007 11:21

I don't think you're being too unreasonable or sensitive!

I get invited to loads of partyplan evenings (which I hate incidentally) and i don't go! a) I can't afford it and b) I'm never really interested in what they're selling anyway!

Although, if you go to them as a way to socialise, couldn't you do one at your house? That way people spend their money, you get the free gift with enough sales and it's easier to get chatting to people sat in your own home.

Or suggest a meet at a local cafe one morning after the children have been dropped off.

Or could you invite one of the kids round for tea and 'break the ice' with mum that way?


nailpolish · 03/10/2007 11:21

just dont buy anything


Lorayn · 03/10/2007 11:35

I wouldnt go, I'm always busy, except for playdates and kids parties.


Hassled · 03/10/2007 11:41

I hate those money-making-thinly-disguised-as-a-party thingies and now just don't go. I've bought so many DK books the kids don't really want, or Virgin makeup I can't really afford, or kitchen stuff I could live without. It grates more because the biggest habitual party giver around these parts has 2 fairly unlikeable children who seem to own every toy currently stocked in ToysRUs, and the "parties" are obviously subsidising this orgy of toy consumption.

I've found the best way of getting to meet other mothers is through the kids - ask a child home to play with your DC after school, and when the Mum picks up offer a cup of tea and see how it goes. One-to-one, those cliquey mothers are usually really nice! Then if the mother reciprocates, which she should, you'll have another opportunity for a chat, however brief. I also made some really good friends through the PTA, if that's an option.

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