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To not want fatty unhealthy foods to taste soooooo nice!!

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JennaJ · 02/10/2007 14:06

Ohh come on ladies..needing some support. Trying to shift all this baby blubber!! Am getting married in April and am a size 18-20 at the moment (was a size 22 in the spring). Im on a serious weight loss mission as I don't want to look back at my wedding pics forever and just be thinking....omg I was so fat! I was a size 14 before having children and wasn't that small even I just feel giganticus!

But why oh why do all the foods that I like eating have to be so fatty..
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why can't I drool over a carrot or an apple?

I appreciate that I can and do make low fat versions of all the foods I like and eat a smaller portion of the fattier ones but even so, the curry we had last night was nowhere near as nice as the full of fat takeaway one I was lusting after!

Is it just me?


OP posts:

lilolilmanchester · 02/10/2007 14:14

I know, am starving, not had lunch and having to stop myself nipping to the shop for a hot pie!
Do you think that if salad and fruit were unhealthy, but we were advised to have 5 portions a day of the things you listed, we'd all crave fruit and veg?!


glitterchick · 02/10/2007 20:59

Congratulations on losing the weight so far. I am chocoholic and up to recently was SAHM so pretty much ate all of your fatty food list as a comfort because I was lonely and bored thing. Was about to join weight watchers when friend of mine told me to hold off on WW and read a book called Slim 4 Life by a guy called Jason Vale.

Her DH has read it and has completely changed his attitude to food - looks and has lost loadsa weight. Have started reading myself and he has alot of interesting stuff to say about WW, diets and all this crappy food. Get the book - she swears it has changed DH life.


MrsTittleMouse · 02/10/2007 21:10

You have my complete sympathy. Everyone thought that they were being kind when they told me that I had 9 months to lose the baby weight (the old 9 on 9 off theory), but DD is almost a year and it's still there! I really need to drop at least half a stone though before I start fertility treatment, and I just can't face it. I'm so tired all the time and being at home with DD keeps temptation in my path all the time. My big weakness is BUTTER. Preferably on toast with honey......
Major congratulations on losing all that weight so fat though. I did find that after a while of calorie counting before the wedding, I did manage to get into the healthy eating mindset. The honeymoon soon got me out of it though; I put on 3 pounds in 6 days!

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