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to be astonished no one has owned up to owning a Barbie fairy Topia remote doll?

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LowFat · 01/10/2007 21:00

I posted in products to see if anyone had one, and despite shameless self-bumping no one has replied.

I though Barbie was really popular!

OP posts:

stripeytiger · 01/10/2007 21:15

Haven't got one LowFat but they sound cool, what do they do?


glitterchick · 01/10/2007 21:24

I think DD1 had one last year but between DD1 and DD2 they pulled her apart. Is she the one that lights up?


bookwormtailmum · 01/10/2007 21:29

My dd has a fairytopia doll I think but it's not a remote one - whatever they are.


mrsdelboy · 01/10/2007 21:56

I think i might have one! Bought one in boots half price a couple of months ago and have put it away for dd Christmas present. Are you talking about the Barbie that can be used with a DVD game as a remote control?


Rachmumoftwo · 01/10/2007 22:05

DD had one for her birthday but tbh we haven't played the game yet.


LowFat · 02/10/2007 07:56

It's a DVD game that is activated by the Barbie doll (as well as your DVD remote). But you have to set the doll using your remote and we've tried to do it 5 times now and the doll doesnt reposnd to the remote as the instructions say she should. It's a Sony DVD player so it;s not like an obscure make that may not behave as other makes - I would have thought.

The consolation is that her wings flutter as well so DD plays with her as a fairy only.

But it's still realy annoying. Also the game is very jumpy in terms of quality and gave me a headache watching it. And DD kept asking where the fairy was, because of course she was'nt usinghe as the remote, could hear her in the game but not see her.

We've only just started letting DD have barbie (wicked parents that we are ) so this was a bit disapointing.

DD wanted to watch the

OP posts:

maisemor · 02/10/2007 10:27

Our daughter got it from her grandparents for her birthday, but we have not actually played the game. She is only 5, and is more of an active player than a computer player if that makes any sense.


Haylstones · 02/10/2007 10:34

We got one and had exactly the same problems as you- it would work for a coupl eof minutes then stop. IT was really annoying so dd just uses it as a BArbie now

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