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To think that i would feel better after a month of grollies!!!!!!

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lucyellensmum · 01/10/2007 09:56

Ok - Thats it, ive had enough. This house has been like a sick house for nearly a month now. It all started with a tummy bug that was blardy awful. Now we all have coughs and cold that are quite frankly up there with MAN FLU on the feelinglikeshitometer.

So this morning, ive been up since 7, ive fed and watered dd and dog. IVe done two loads of washing, cleaned the kitchen, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and entertained DD, stripped my bed in the vain hope that i might just get into bed at a reasonable time tonight and it would be nice to have clean sheets, i have JUST sat down with a cup of tea and some toast amd dd is demanding my attention again.

I feel like shit, all i want to do is go and lay down with a lemsip and a hot water bottle, maybe latter attempt to read some of my book that i have had for three weeks now and cant find the time to get past the first chapter. But no, it goes on doesnt it, i have to walk to the vets to get more dog food, i feel that i should take DD to her baby music class but i really cant face it and i may use the excuse that she has a cough as well to justify to myself that she can miss it this week, but she loves it. Shes bored now cos mummy is typing away. I'm SUPPOSED to be organising DPs accounts and they are sitting in the corner laughing at me.

I mean, is it unreasonable to think that i might just have a few days where i dont look and feel like shit before the next farking bug comes along!!

YEs, i know, its all pretty trivial actually compared to what we have to go through at times, but you know how it is ladies dont you. Being a SAHM is tough, because if i were "working" i would have awarded myself a few days off last week, got the rest i needed and probably have felt better by now.

Thats it , whinge over

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toomanydaves · 01/10/2007 10:06

LEM, here's a virtual lemsip for you. Sounds rough. Sounds like you both need to watch films all day, ensconced in a duvet. Can you sod the accounts for now? Can the dog eat something else, just for once, or can dp pick up the dog food later?


lucyellensmum · 01/10/2007 10:17

oh that sounds lovely, DP is out at work, has been working all weekend so no time off for either of us there. Yes the accounts can wait, i mean, they have waited nearly six months whats another week

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haychee · 01/10/2007 10:18

Life is so hard isnt it? I never have enough time, would have more if it wasnt for mn! But i know what you mean, there is no let up in demands made on mummy. I equate it to pushing water uphill all day everyday. It gets me down sometimes, but that is when i think about it for too long. Its far better to ignore the negatives and just do the best you can for everybody.
Take dd to music, you will feel better for having entertained her.

If it makes you feel better, this has been my day so far.
Up at 6, 1 cup of tea in peace and quiet.
Got dc up at 6.30 and made brekfast.
Emptied dishwasher, hassled dh to take dogs out. Made pack lunches for dc.
battled with dd1 over school socks and battled with dd2 over hairbrushing.
All out in car by 7.45. Had to take dh to collect a hire van, got stuck in traffic.
Back to town, got dd2 a sausage roll at 8.05 battled with dd1 over a sticky bun she wasnt allowed.
Arrived at school far too early so read dd2s book that she should of read over the weekend. Battled with dd1 over her reading book and she ended up not reading it, grr!
Dropped off dc at school and now home alone with the most enormous pile of ironing, extremely filthy toilets/bathrooms and my bed needs clean sheets too. And i will have to go shopping for some tea for us tonight at some point throughout the day, preferably without dc.

All this before 10am! And its my blardy birthday! Doesnt feel like much of a special day to me, just usual grind.


LadyMacbeth · 01/10/2007 10:24

Happy birthday Haychee.

If it's any consolation LEM, I too am feeling incredibly down at the moment. I spoke to dh at the weekend about needing some space and time yet God know when it will ever happen... I am sooo tired... then dd1 was up all night last night being sick. I am battling with her today to make her stay in bed and I have a million and one things to do, including looking after dd2.

I just feel like this is a never ending treadmill and I am slowly going round the bend. My throat aches from shouting and my eyes feel as if there is sawdust in them.

Sorry not to be much help, have to dash as dd2 has paint and is making her way to sitting room. DD1 is up again... aaarghhh!


lucyellensmum · 01/10/2007 13:34

Happy Birthday haychee - i hope it improves.

DD in bed now, tbh she was too tired for music and its bucketing down with rain so we gave it a miss. We did have a lovely "duddle" on the sofa and i think i may have even got a snooze in. The housework can swivel today - i need a rest. Hopefully she should have a good sleep and give me a couple hours break, DP said, would i make some spreadsheets for him, i said no!

OP posts:

glitterchick · 01/10/2007 14:01

Its not easy lucyellensmum. You get raw deal when you are a SAHM. You are in work 24/7 - it never ends. You need big packet of chocolate bics (can I recommend my personal favourite - Foxes Millionaire Squares) GORGEOUS. Eat them with another cup of tea! Get to bed early - in fact get 2 packs and eat the other with another cup of tea in bed tonite. Hope you feelin better soon. If its any consolation my DH went off golfing for the week and I have 4 DC to look after!


lucyellensmum · 01/10/2007 15:43

aaarrrggghhhhh - was just settling on sofa for a precious hours kip and DD woke up!!! Then DP went out after being bothering me about business stuff for the previous hour when i could have been sleeping. I feet like shit now, all sweaty and weak. Oh well, no rest for the wicked

OP posts:

lucyellensmum · 01/10/2007 15:45

bless her, she is doing a lovely drawing for mummy xx, thats another two minutes i can sit down. I cant complain about DP though, he is up to his eyes and has the grollies as bad (if not worse) than i do. He always manages to battle through though.

OP posts:

lucyellensmum · 01/10/2007 15:46

How on earth you guys manage with more than one i can never imagine

OP posts:

lucyellensmum · 01/10/2007 15:48

LAdy M, im sorry that you too are having it tough just now.

they say it gets easier

OP posts:

haychee · 01/10/2007 15:48

More than one is just as bad as one imo.


OrmIrian · 01/10/2007 15:58

"because if i were "working" i would have awarded myself a few days off last week" Sadly it doesn't work like that lucy Wish it did. Still on duty 24/7 working or not. I feel exactly the same as you do sometimes.

However you know why you keep getting bugs don't you? You are run down and don't get a chance to recharge in between. Is there any one who could take DD off your hands - parents or friends? Try taking some mega supplements. H&B sell some very good multivitamins and minerals - the size of horsepills but they do seem to help. Would it be worth a trip to the GP to check that there isn't some underlying cause? It's a shame to get dragged down by illness so early in the winter.


lucyellensmum · 01/10/2007 16:20

That is a good point to orm, and i thought that as i posted, often working mums get a rough deal as it doesnt stop when you come home, i know that. I was a working mum with DD1 although after she started school.

Underlying cause is getting run down by bug #1 and still having to look after DD AND my mother who was hospitalised by it, i started a big long rant about that.

No one to help im afraid, but its ok am starting to feel a bit better. You are right re the vits, will definately be getting some in and improving my diet. DD eats a lovely balanced diet and i eat shite, isnt that always the way. Hopefully will be back on form tomorrow.

Sorry for the self pity, but you know how it is sometimes, you just think, give me a fecking break, peerrrrlease

OP posts:

OrmIrian · 01/10/2007 16:25

I know exactly how it is lucy . The Holland and Barret vits and minerals are quite expensive but worthwhile - 100% rda for just about everything. Much more than of the mill vits.

Looking after your mum must be hard. I remember when my granny was ill, my mum was run ragged. Being a self-centered teen at the time I don't expect I helped a great deal either

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