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To be upset that my first night out post having DS has been ruined/cancelled

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loujay · 29/09/2007 20:13

Only going out with DH into town for a drink and a meal, sister babysitting.
DD kicks off after story and refuses to go to bed so I cant be upstairs getting ready. DS (10 weeks) who is ALWAYS calm and quiet won't settle.
Sent sister home and sent DH out to the pub as he was all dressed up with nowhere to go and I am still in my crappy clothes from today, covered in food and baby sick.
Got my haor done specially this afternoon as well.
Just want to cry.

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moondog · 29/09/2007 20:14

You should have just gone.


beansprout · 29/09/2007 20:15

Aw, that's harsh as you were clearly looking forward to it. Does dh really have to go off out alone though, couldn't he have stayed in as clearly you now feel twice as stuck and miserable?


MarsLady · 29/09/2007 20:15

I'm with Moony. Next time.... go! Sorry you didn't feel you could!


Bluestocking · 29/09/2007 20:16

I'm with Moondog on this one. You should have just gone.


scattyspice · 29/09/2007 20:16

Poor you.

Get sister back right now.
Tell DCs to JUST GO TO SLEEP YOU'LL BE BACK SOON (ffs) and go find you husband.


Sparkletastic · 29/09/2007 20:16

Are the kids calming down now? Time for you to slip your PJs on, ring DH and tell him to get booze and a takeaway and come home pronto! Can't believe he went out without you - the swine


nell12 · 29/09/2007 20:17

Sods law, its like the little buggers have a sixth sense for these things and then work as a team to ensure you can't go out.

Double bluff them next time... go out in your sick-covered clothes and get changed later.

Indulge yourself with a nice glass of wine and plan your next attempt at freedom


Easywriter · 29/09/2007 20:18

Dr Easy precribes the Claire Verity treatment, i.e. "how could you let something so tiny control your life?". Put him outside in the garden tonight and don't forget to close the door!

Sweetie! YABU and YANBU, it's all part of being a parent. It shows you care that you didn't go but at some point you are going to realise that you'll just have to go out. When that is exactly depends upon you and your babe! Don't beat yourself up about it.

P.S. only messing about with the Claire Verity quote.


FrannyandZooey · 29/09/2007 20:20

Aww, I wouldn't have gone either. Nobody wants to leave their children upset and crying. I would have got your sister to hang about a bit though, can she come back? it isn't too late to go out for a while...

Perhaps you were not 100% ready to leave ds though? babies are so quick to pick up on tension and you do seem to have cancelled fairly quickly. Nothing wrong with NOT going out if you don't want to, you know.


pointydog · 29/09/2007 20:23

The hardest bit is always getting out the door. Always try to make sure you do get out the door, go somewhere for a drink, phone after 20 mins or so, then decide whether to give the night up!


Bluestocking · 29/09/2007 20:25

Did your sister shower DD with attention to take her mind off the fact that you're about to go out? I have one fantastic baby-sitting friend who has so many tricks in her armoury - one great favourite being her ability to model wonderful plasticine animals - that DS never minded being left with her.


loujay · 29/09/2007 20:29

Sorry guys, just had to settle DS again.
I know I could have just gone, but sister is a little useless sometimes, had to make sure DD was in bed so that she just had DS to deal with (she couldnt manage the 2 together) so with DD not in bed there was no way I could leave.
Will have to try next month!! - Sister has agreed to babysit once a month (after a big discussion with her that yes it did have to be a friday or saturday night as DH works and doesnt get in until 8 at the end of each work day)
I'll write this one off and go and pour myself a large glass of wine methinks

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