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To think I can go to a new parent and toddler group without having an identity crisis???

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Dabbles · 29/09/2007 09:51

Arghh... sigh!

SO, new group. consisted of:

Rough people off the estate (no, i am not just being judgemental, we are talking the sort of people who you see smoking a joint on their way to pick their kids up from school or whose kids play out in the street by themselves from the age of 3!)

Yummy Mummys/too posh to push... all designer clobber and how much my house cost


group of girls who look like they have just stepped otu of a slip Knot/marilyn manson video

sigh. problem is I am a sutdent, so live on above said 'estate' but only because dp and I are students and its not that rough, honestly. but when the mummy yummys - homeoowners ask where u live and u tell them, eyes glaze over and suddenly Tarquin/Emily needs their bum changed....
and am far too old and now far too normal to 'hang' with the goth girl... big sigh!

OP posts:
MrMiaou · 03/10/2007 05:39

Admit it, you only kept on going 'cos it was better than being stuck at home with me

Miaou · 03/10/2007 16:45

darn it, thought you hadn't realised

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