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AIBU? expect my outlaws NOT to let my two young DD's play unattend with a pin cushion!!!?

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CaptainDippy · 29/09/2007 07:31

My oldest DD's are 3.7 yrs and 2.4 yrs. Went to pick them up from spending a couple of hours with the outlaws - Asked where they were, my MIL replies: "Erm, erm, I am not too sure. I think they are downstairs in the dining room. I am afraid I think they are playing with my pin cushion."


I toddle downstairs and sure enough, they are playing with the pin cushion - Pins all over the floor, picking them up and sticking them back in. DD1 was actually holding the cushion in her hands and stabbing them in ..... >

This is not the 1st time I have discovered them doing something completely inappropriate when I have come to pick them up.

I have spoken to a few friends about this and have had varying reactions - Some have said: "What's the worst that could happen with them playing with pins? So they stab themselves a bit, there's not really anything that could go majorly wrong, is there?" Some have been v.concerned and

So, what do you reckon??

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CaptainDippy · 29/09/2007 21:46

Thank you WW - Would you like a hot chocolate too? It's all Fair Trade ....

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WinkyWinkola · 29/09/2007 22:03

Lovely but I'm having a lovely glass of wine. Should really be working on my essay but I'm so enjoying having the computer to myself (DH asleep) and kids conked out (amazing!) that I'm merrily posting away on mumsnet.

CaptainDippy · 29/09/2007 22:07

Ooooooh, enjoy your wine - red or white?? What vintage!!?

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