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To be p****d off that Debenhams sales assistant forgot to take tag off new jacket !!!

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mylastrolo · 27/09/2007 17:10

I am miles away from store so annoyed wanted to wear jacket tomorrow now i have to go all the way back tomorrow to get security tab removed. Botheration!!!!!!!

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harleyd · 27/09/2007 17:12

how did you get out of shop? didnt the alarm go off?


mylastrolo · 27/09/2007 17:14

I know alarm didn't go off wish it had save me going back

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blondehelen · 27/09/2007 17:18

happened to me too. very annoying


mylastrolo · 27/09/2007 17:33

I gave off stink on the phone to them I tell you they are on a different planet. I mean shop assistant not people on phone. Getting 20% discount off coat to make up for petrol which is something i suppose

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sugarmatches · 27/09/2007 17:43

I freaking hate that.

I went to Bluewater and bought a top from a shop that I have only seen there. Get home and there is the security tag. It is in dds wardrobe and she cannot wear until the next time we decide to go to Kent shopping!!


NicknameRemovedByMN · 27/09/2007 17:53

I've had this happen a few times and dh has always managed to remove it at home.


Coolmama · 27/09/2007 18:01

I brought a top back from NYC last summer with this problem - took me 3 weeks to find a shop with the gadget that removed that particular tag - they did look at me a bit oddly, but I swear I bought the damn thing!


FabulousKbear · 27/09/2007 18:10

This happened to me with a snowsuit I bought at Bluewater when I was pg with DD. I said that the birth was imminent and it was Feb so would need the snowsuit and I couldn't really drive all the way back to Bluewater so could they courier a new one to me and I would send the original one back with the courier.

The manager of the store turned up on my doorstep that evening with a new snow suit! Bless his heart and thanks Mothercare!!

Can't say you will get the same treatment but worth asking for the courier to deliver if you are miles away.


unknownrebelbang · 27/09/2007 18:11

I've had this happen to me twice with stuff bought from Tesco in recent weeks.


TheBlonde · 27/09/2007 18:12

Do you have a strong magnet? they will help remove it - I used the one from the hidden child locks last week


unknownrebelbang · 27/09/2007 18:12

Lol, and be prepared for it setting the alarm off when you go back into the store.

(Well it did both times in Tesco).


mylastrolo · 27/09/2007 19:25

tried a few fridge magnets to no avail I don't know how hard is it to remember to take a tab off!!! Because they were really busy today. rant rant rant ok i am sort of over it now kids down i hope .off for a cuppa and nice bath then face a general tidy up as out shopping all day

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mylastrolo · 28/09/2007 12:38

new coat tag free 20% off and new jeans bought in sale. looking forward to wearing my coat now and new jeans

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alicet · 28/09/2007 12:41

They did this with us too - really annoying! Wish I'd thought of calling to ask for money off though rather than just taking it back - will do next time!!!


mylastrolo · 28/09/2007 12:46

well rightly so i am out petrol and parking and well spent more in the end going back

OP posts:

Bouncingturtle · 28/09/2007 12:49

YANBU - same thing happened to me!
Hope you get it sorted.


katiekitty · 28/09/2007 13:21

Years ago I used to work in House of Fraser and if a customer called up to say someone had left a tag on, that person was tracked down by their name being on the receipt and you had to take a taxi out, at your OWN expense, with the large magnetic device about your person and remove the offending tag at the customer's house or place of work. If you got more than 3 of these, you were out.

Mylastrolo - have you called the store as they might be able to taxi out to you?

Don't tinker with it yourself if it is one of those dye jobbies as if it bursts, your jacket will be ruined and your hands will be bright blue!

How annoying!


mylastrolo · 28/09/2007 13:29

katiekitty that is interesting do you know what really annoys me most is the don't give a toss attitude of shop assistants.
I think house of fraser is right in that respect. AFter one taxi journey it never happened again. suppose that is against human rights now !!

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