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To expect sparkling wine to fizz?

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mummydoit · 22/09/2007 13:11

So disappointed. It's DH's birthday today and I wanted to make it really special for him. Got smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on muffins for breakfast and bought a bottle of sparkling wine to make Buck's Fizz as an extra-special treat. When I opened it, there was a big chunk missing from the end of the cork and it gave a very feeble 'pff' instead of a big pop. Flat as pancake! I will be taking it back to Sainsbury today but it spoiled the special birthday breakfast I had planned .

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Alambil · 22/09/2007 14:29

oh how disappointing... can you make a special tea instead / evening ?


mummydoit · 22/09/2007 18:16

I have a special dinner planned too. Buck's Fizz for breakfast just seemed so decadent and indulgent, though! Sainsbury replaced the bottle so we'll just have to have it with dinner instead.

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