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To be feeling quite so relaxed about dd boarding one night pw?

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Cammelia · 20/09/2007 13:42

She asked to do it and I've chosen a night when she has to stay at school late for swim squad anyway

But am I actually supposed to feel so pleased that it gives me and dh a bit of a breather

OP posts:

belgo · 20/09/2007 13:43

if she's happy with the arrangement, you're allowed to be happy too She'll have a great time.


Lorayn · 20/09/2007 13:49

Better than finding any old babysitter for that 'breather' like many parents do.


belgo · 20/09/2007 13:52

make good use of your evening off, enjoy some time with your dh.


Cammelia · 20/09/2007 13:52

She did it a couple of times towards the end of last term and really liked it so we've made it a regular thing this term.

OP posts:

Wisteria · 20/09/2007 13:53

Why not? She'll love it; and you can have sex on the sofa - or the kitchen table if you feel like it!

Can't see the issue tbh.

My dds go to their Dad's for half of the week, although I do see them after school every day for their tea - I think it works really well. We never get fed up of each other! I sometimes breathe a sigh of relief when they leave because I can have some peace and quiet.


SueW · 20/09/2007 13:55

I think it's a great idea.

DD's joined orchestra and travel arrangements mean sometimes she'll stay over with a friend instead of coming home. Same difference really.


Cammelia · 20/09/2007 13:56

OMG the "S" word wisteria

No, was more thinking we can eat later than we usually have to and can have an uninterrupted conversation before I fall asleep on the sofa

OP posts:

Wisteria · 20/09/2007 13:57

  • sorry is your sex drive with mine? - lost down the back of the sofa (where I am normally asleep as soon as I sit down).

Cammelia · 20/09/2007 14:00

Staying with friends or family, no problem.

I was just toying with whether I should be feeling guilty or not at her staying at school

OP posts:

belgo · 20/09/2007 14:02

she'll have fun.


callmeovercautious · 20/09/2007 14:03

It is a nice compromise. I Boarded FT and as DPs were abroad only saw them at the 3 main holidays - that was too much for me. Weekly would have been great too. If she has good friends and the school has a good system of Prep time and relaxation time she will do well.


Lorayn · 20/09/2007 14:06

Just read mallory towers whilst she is away from home, you'll be jealous of her not guilty.


SueW · 20/09/2007 15:35

But school is practically friends/family if she's asked to do it.

My only concern with DD doing it at her school is that there aren't any regular boarders in Y7/8 only occasionals so she would prob be alone.


Lorayn · 20/09/2007 15:42

Also like to add, a friend of mine begged her mum to let her board, her mum really wasnt sure about it but eventually said she could give it a go, Bella never stopped boarding and absolutely loves it, still!! (she's nearly 17 now!)

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