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to be pissed off with friends comment

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pyjamagirl · 19/09/2007 17:57

I was rushed to hospiatl saturday evening with severe back and stomuch pain was doese up on morphine while they tried to find out what is wrong with me turns out I have kidney stones i was discharged on Sunday afternoon and sent home with strong painkillers.

So my friend dosen't ring since sunday to see if I'm ok then I've just recieved a phonecall asking if i'm still going out tonight
of course I said no I still feel crap so she told me to

"get over myself"

Is this just me been oversensitive or is she a bloody bitch?

OP posts:

tribpot · 19/09/2007 18:01

Part bloody bitch, part ignorance I suspect. Kidney stones don't sound very serious, so she probably thinks you're overreacting. I, on the other hand, know someone who was hospitalised with kidney stones and was very unwell, so I think you're quite right not to go out if you don't feel up to it. I guess you need to explain to her how serious it could have been? Or tell her to get over herself!


Easywriter · 19/09/2007 18:02

Lawd! Get over yourself!!
You've only got kidney stones and just come out of hospital!!

You're no fun anymore you know!

I think you know the answer, YANBU, don't hold it against her too much though, she'll probably feel like a TOTAL heel when she realises just how insensitive she's been.


Dior · 19/09/2007 18:05

Message withdrawn


lou33 · 19/09/2007 18:07

tell her to jog on

she's no friend to you


Dior · 19/09/2007 18:08

Message withdrawn


pyjamagirl · 19/09/2007 18:10

she is a total pita she makes me feel like i'm nothing a lot of the time tbh

OP posts:

suzycreamcheese · 19/09/2007 18:10

what lou said

mighty insensitive self absorbed was she a great laugh or something?...

hope you aare okay now..


Dior · 19/09/2007 18:15

Message withdrawn


pyjamagirl · 19/09/2007 18:22

I know I should i just feel a bit down at the moment and I know we are not going to be friends much longer I just feel really crap about her comment but at the same time I am pissed off with myself for letting her get to me and not defending myself

OP posts:

janestillhere · 19/09/2007 18:34

You are hardly in a position to retaliate when you feel so ill.
Not nice friend.


RubyRioja · 19/09/2007 18:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NAB3 · 19/09/2007 18:51

You are not over sensitive.
She is unbelievable.
Does she like all the attention?


pyjamagirl · 19/09/2007 18:57

I think tbh she is quite insecure in herself but comes across to everyone as very confident and you think everyone loves her it does come as quite a shock when you find out that other people dislike her too
I became friends with her at avery bad time we had just lost our DD and she sort of took the role of boss
but she is so so patronising I am sat here now so pi**ed off with myself for letting her walk all over me

OP posts:

elesbells · 19/09/2007 19:01

obviously she's never had kidney stones - it bloody hurts. i had them when i was 17 and felt crap for ages.

it would be one ex friend for me, spiteful woman.

hope you feel better soon.


NAB3 · 19/09/2007 19:02

No friend is better than one who makes you feel crap


minouminou · 19/09/2007 20:02

i've had a kidney infection (not stones - which are way worse)and that hurt - a lot.
tell her to get f*ed.
If someone told me to get over myself when i was ill with that infection, i'd have written them right off there and then.
hope you get well soon


octoandflash · 19/09/2007 20:11

I binned a friend once - best thing I ever did


LittleBella · 19/09/2007 20:12

God, dump her

She is not your friend


JodieG1 · 19/09/2007 21:39

I was in hospital whilst pregnant with ds2 and someone on the ward had kidney stones ( I was listening in to what the midwives were saying to her out of boredom) and she was pregnant but she sounded like she was in labour. It sounded very painful and she was on morphine. YANBU

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