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To be beyond frustrated with menstrual cups

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agapanthus1979 · 14/05/2020 08:53

Hi everyone.
I started using a cup a couple of years ago, and waxed lyrical to all my friends. Bloody loved it!
For the last year, though, I just seem to leak. I've tried the Diva, the Organi, and another one which was shaped differently...but I'm just leaking all the time.
My periods aren't heavy, and I've tried all sorts of positions. I think I have an awkward cervix. I have a septum in my uterus, so don't know if that might cause problems.
I really don't want to go back to tampons. I use reusable pads as back up, but don't want to rely on these.
Any suggestions/beacons of hope??

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BertiesLanding · 14/05/2020 13:06

@LunaHardy - Yes, they've been a game-changer for me too. I started using one 11 years ago. Took a bit to get used to it ... and one dreadful moment of having to lie down and traction myself against the sink to remove one!! ... but now it's second-nature :)

walkingchuckydoll · 14/05/2020 13:36

I tried a moon cup and didn't like it. I tried reusable pads and they twisted slightly in my knickers and made me leak. I'm 40 and am not going to spend a lot of money for the last few years of menstruation just to try stuff out. I'm back to disposable pads. Every body is different and stuff like that just is too expensive to try out many different things.

UpsyDaisysarmpit · 14/05/2020 13:40

Femmecup was good for me. Some types were tricky because they wouldn't spring open. Worth persevering.

PlanDeRaccordement · 14/05/2020 13:42


Of course it looks lower than with tampon use when you compare it to users of high-absorbency tampons in 1980 instead of users of regular-absorbency tampons sold and used today in 2020

(The high absorbency tampons that had that high risk of TSS were all pulled from the market by the mid1980s. You can’t even buy them anymore)

PlanDeRaccordement · 14/05/2020 13:49

Here is the study:
Impact of Currently Marketed Tampons and Menstrual Cups on Staphylococcus aureus Growth and Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin 1 Production In Vitro

Fifteen currently marketed intravaginal protection products (11 types of tampon and 4 types of menstrual cup) were tested by the modified tampon sac method to determine their effect on Staphylococcus aureus growth and toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 (TSST-1) production. Most tampons reduced S. aureus growth and TSST-1 production, with differences based on brand and composition, and the level of S. aureus growth was higher in destructured than in unaltered tampons. We observed higher levels of S. aureus growth and toxin production in menstrual cups than in tampons, potentially due to the additional air introduced into the bag by cups, with differences based on cup composition and size.

curlyLJ · 14/05/2020 13:50

@walkingchuckydoll but you could be menstruating for at least another 10 years, possibly 15. When you think about the cost of all those disposable pads, maybe it would be worth trying to find something?

It does take time, I use a mooncup as well as other brands on different days, depending on flow. I love the washable panty liners I bought as they offer enough protection when out and about, and they've already paid for themselves over a couple of years.

DishRanAwayWithTheSpoon · 14/05/2020 13:59

I cant get on with them either

They always leak, and I get stomach pain when wearing one.

I dont find I havw a problem breaking the seal so maybe thats my problem is Im not getting a seal

Shame as I really like the concept

StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff · 14/05/2020 14:25

I did the 'put a cup in it' quiz and bought the one recommended, it's a Saalt one that I'd never heard of. I mastered it over the Christmas break and it was fine for 3 cycles then on the fourth I'd obviously not done something right and it pretty much tipped over inside me Confused. I think I might've put it too high. Persevered and it was ok after that. I really like it, less pain and not as long.

ChristmasFluff · 14/05/2020 14:41

I used a mooncup and it leaked far less than a super-plus tampon - I had horribly heavy periods.

The 'unexplained' leakage I had (so not just from sheer volume of blood), I found was due to my cervix position changing at different times. Sometimes your cervix is lower than others, and you want the rim of the cup to be under the bottom edge of the cervix (or fully around it), so the cervix is sort of sitting in the cup.

Mine would generally be just slightly on the back wall of my vagina, right by the very top. But sometimes it would seem to be lower down on the back wall, and so I'd accidentally put the cup higher than the cervix opening.

I learned to check where it was (by feeling), and then position accordingly.

I know some people are a bit squeamish about firtling around up there, but it did help me.

BinkySodPlop · 14/05/2020 14:53

Have you tried flex discs? I originally bought them as I was working / travelling overseas to places where running water was not an option outside the hotels, so no chance to clean bloody hands / mooncup etc.. they are disposable, so not great for the environment, but they work for me.

PeaPeaEeByGum · 14/05/2020 14:58

I love mine. Sorry it’s not working out for you OP

agapanthus1979 · 14/05/2020 15:00

Environmental issues are definitely on my menstrual agenda Grin
@ChristmasFluff I think I need a bit more firtling guidance - I'm not afraid to rummage!
When I've ventured up there I'm able to locate a 'nose-esque' nobbly bit, which I believe is my cervix. Does this sound right?
It's quite high, and on the left.
Perhaps I just need to spend a bit more time on positioning....

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MayFayner · 14/05/2020 15:08

I’ve used a mooncup for the last 4 years. Very rarely leaked, only once or twice when I had the copper coil and my periods were very heavy.

I’ve never placed it anywhere near my cervix though. I’ve always put it where the instructions suggest- a lot lower down. Never feel it although I did cut most of the stem off.

To be beyond frustrated with menstrual cups
coffeechocolatecoffee · 14/05/2020 15:20

I started using a mooncup before children, mastered it pretty quickly and had no leaks at all. I only had couple of periods between pregnancies and used it for them too without issues.
After having my second, it was leaking and I presumed too small so completed the quiz on put a cup in it and bought the recommended organicup in the post childbirth size but I also can't stop the leaks. There is a good seal every time so I can't work out what it is. I need back up cloth pads or period pants every month now. It's frustrating and I don't want to spend £20 on yet another cup

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