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for being charged extra because the envelope was too long

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Emprexia · 18/09/2007 10:23

I just recieved a birthday card for my son (12 days late) with a sticker on charging me an extra £1.06 for postage.

Well, it was 6p for the postage deficiency and a £1 hanling fee.

They've had it for 3 weeks, this card was posted at the beginning of september.

why have they charged me extra for a simple birthday card? Because the envelope was too long!!!!!!

Apparently, it should have been 46p to post simply because of the length of the envelope, never mind that it weighed next to nothing.

OP posts:

Joash · 18/09/2007 10:26

tell the person who sent it - Surely they should make sure it had enough postage on


Joash · 18/09/2007 10:27

meant to ad - that there are some people who aren't aware that the postage rates changes last year. My MIL still just sticks a first class stamp on everything and doesn't understand that postage costs are now determinedby size too.


zubb · 18/09/2007 10:28

it's the person who sent its fault. Since they changed the rates / size you should check any non-standard letters.
My sister had this with a card that had a bagde on - made the card too thick.


Chickhick · 18/09/2007 10:29

Rip off Royal Mail. It is amazing that they have been allowed to get away with the recent changes they have implemented.

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