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to be totally shocked and annoyed at what i saw today??

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smeeinit · 17/09/2007 19:10

so im walking back from the first school run of the day and see a total fuck wit man walking his dog and keeping it "under control" with a bloody horse riding crop
seriously could not believe that someone could walk along quite happily whipping his dog
what a twunt!

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Quootiepie · 17/09/2007 19:14

I would have followed him home and called the RSPCA. Arsehole.


smeeinit · 17/09/2007 19:15

i shall prob see him again tomorrow,will ahve to say something if i see him doing it again

OP posts:

Wisteria · 17/09/2007 19:16



bubblagirl · 17/09/2007 19:17

dont say anything to him report it straight to rspca then turn the wip on him lol


WotsZePoint · 17/09/2007 19:18

take a broom stick with you tmorro and whip the total fuck wit of a man


Marne · 17/09/2007 19:19

2 little girls down the road from me play with their dogs outside with whips (i think they play horses or something), i was shocked that their parents let them do it, and then a few weeks latter they were in the road with rabbits on leads


tiredemma · 17/09/2007 19:23

I remember a few years ago walking home from my nans house with my brother, we walked past a man beating his beautiful golden lab with his belt.

This was in broad daylight- My brother approached the man and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing. Man obvioulsy fancied his chances and tried to 'whip' my brother with the belt.

Not ashamed to say that my brother can handle himself and took the belt from the man and gave him a good few slaps/whips with it.


sparklesandwine · 17/09/2007 19:24

if you see him again follow him home get his address and report the fucker to the RSPCA


fireflyfairy2 · 17/09/2007 19:24

Oh, don't say anything to him. See if you see him tomorrow & if you think it may be a regular dog walking time & he is local then call the RSPCA & get them to watch him!


VintageGardenia · 17/09/2007 19:28

Wow really tempted to say seize the riding crop and break it over your knee while lecturing the owner on cruelty, but seems more sensible (for your own safety) to phone local RSPCA and ask them what to do. People can be banned from keeping dogs if they treat them improperly, I remember reading about a Crufts judge who had her own dogs at home in shocking condition & she was banned for two years.


smeeinit · 17/09/2007 19:29

i reckon if is ee him again i should nick the crop and whip the fucker gentleman with it!

OP posts:

kittywits · 17/09/2007 19:34

I hate dogs, but that's a bit much


tori32 · 17/09/2007 19:46

Thats outrageous! It would be called a dog crop if it was meant to be used on dogs. I ride and only use it sparingly on the horses which it is for..
Threaten him with RSPCA if you see him again.


Imawurzel · 17/09/2007 19:50

My god!!! Never understand how people can whip/hit/kick their dogs.
I'd be tempted to grab it off him and whip the frick out of him with it.
But i'm a wimp so would phone rspca instead.


smeeinit · 18/09/2007 10:17

didnt see him this morn,shame as i done the school run with a baseball bat in my hand to beat the ignorant fuck wit twunt!

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