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in thinkiong that calcot manor ios taking the piss with its pricing policy?

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Tutter · 17/09/2007 15:47

room rate plus supplement for each child

inc nweborns

because "teh creche is open to all, inc newborns"

"but we won't be using the crehe"

"well it's also to cover childrens meals"

"he's 8 weeks old - he won't be eatging anything"

"well, that's our policy"

as if £380 A NIGHT ISN'T ENOUGH....

oops caps

OP posts:

lemonaid · 17/09/2007 15:50

Ah, but if you are bf you will probably be eating... ooooh, the equivalent of a yogurt or a couple of pieces of toast extra each day. So clearly the supplement is justified...


hertsnessex · 17/09/2007 15:50

yep, that takes the piss.

have been close to booking there a few times, but decided on other hotels in the end that didnt have these silly 'additional' rates


whomovedmychocolate · 17/09/2007 15:54

Will they allow you to leave your DH in the creche? Or perhaps you could all go and frolic among the ball pit?
What a stupid policy.


Notyummy · 17/09/2007 16:02

Blardy ridiculous. It does look nice though. We were thinking of going as I have an income tax rebate...but at least dd will be using the creche and is now eating!

Just hope its nicer than the Ickworth (similarily pricey baby friendly place with creche set-up). It was ok, but room was a bit jaded.

I looked at Babington House recently but nearly had a coronary at their prices...I mean I like a bit of luxury but that is taking the piss.


LowFat · 17/09/2007 16:05

Take a bag each time you eat and fill it with babies share of the food.

Honestly though what a 'stoopid' policy . Nearly every leisure compay out there make concesions for children under 2 or 3 or 4. They need to do some market research!


Tutter · 17/09/2007 16:08

yes blardy irritating

agree re ickworth - wasn't impressed with room or service tbh. great setting but that was about it

OP posts:

hertsnessex · 17/09/2007 16:17

woolley grange was great, luxury and kids had fun, superb!


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