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am i being unreasonable to expect my bank to notice if I go overdrawn

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tori32 · 14/09/2007 14:05

I wasn't able to access internet banking due to problems with their system, so when I eventually got onto it I discovered they had charged me £48 charges for being £4.31 overdrawn. I have several accounts with them so they could see I had adequate funds elsewhere to rectify the error. They have not written to me or telephoned and this resulted in 19 days worth of unnecessary charges.
AIBU? to expect to be reimbursed for all but 3 days of charges (the time it should take to notice the problem and act on it ).

OP posts:

kerrykatona · 14/09/2007 14:11

i think you should be getting all them back, call them and kick up hell if this is unusual for you to go overdrawn they make be nice to you this time.


Miaou · 14/09/2007 14:12

Yes you are being unreasonable. It's up to you to make sure you have sufficient funds in your account. The bank cannot be moving your money from one account to another without your knowledge/instruction! Also do you not have phone banking as well as internet; could you not have got in contact that way? That's what we do (and we have been in the same situation where the system has gone down and we have needed to move money).

The only situation in which I would say it was reasonable for you to be mad at the bank was if you had put a money transfer request in and they had not actioned it, causing you to go overdrawn. Otherwise, the buck stops with you (pardon the pun!)


vbacqueen1 · 14/09/2007 14:13

No you are bloody well not BU!! A subject close to my heart today - am waiting for my bank to ring me back about the £90 they have charged me in "overdraft excess fees" when I wasn't even over my limit. I can't believe these banks have the audacity to carry on making these spurious charges with all of the publicity there's been about it recently. They're having to pay millions in compensation now for wrongly charging people in the past so why are they still doing it? Are they stupid or what?


Moomin · 14/09/2007 14:16

I hate the fecking banks and their unreasonable charges......

Until recently, if this was the first time and you could ring them up and explain the situation and there was a good chance they would waive the charges. However, this might not work at this time because the banks are in the High Court at the moment waiting for a ruling about bank charges and so many banks are not waiving/refunding charges until the ruling is heard (early 2008 at earliest but will drag on as banks will appeal if they lose).

You could always choose a bank account that rings or texts you if you are going to go overdrawn. Dh's bank does this (RBoS)


hanaflower · 14/09/2007 14:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gmakes3 · 14/09/2007 14:20

I think you should always know whats in your account. Gone are the days when you can plead ignorance. Unless there are exceptional circumstances you should stay within your overdraft limit.
It is not the banks job the run your account, I am sure you would not like it if they took money from one account to repay another without you knowing and then something bounced on the original account. Banks can not win if they start trying to predict what you want. Also just to play devils advocat abit more. Going over your limit is technically stealing. If you stole from a shop I'm sure you would expect them to turn a blind eye.


tori32 · 14/09/2007 14:26

Sorry I didn't explain, its a business account just where I get paid from parents and take out outings/ shopping. Last time when funds didn't go in from one they rang to say it was OD so I thought this was their policy. I have a personal one which I use daily. I don't expect no charges, just reasonable ones. I also have not recieved August statement.

Got to go, back later.

OP posts:

Gmakes3 · 14/09/2007 14:29

Agree can be different with business a/c


missgriss · 14/09/2007 16:08

Most banks don't have the resources the offer a personal banking service.

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