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to think 3 years olds do not need a bib at mealtimes?

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 13/09/2007 21:37

My dd started nursery at local school last week.

DH picked her uo after lunch today (its a phased introduction, shes full time from next week) and he heard one mum have a go at teacher as her dc had food all over thier uniform.She said she was not having this every day and did they not put bibs on the children? She also said do they have spoons or knives and forks and when teacher said no bibs or spoons the mum stormed off!

DH said she was really off with teacher and he was shocked and I am to think that someone would put a bib on a 3 year old.

OP posts:

CarGirl · 13/09/2007 21:41

at pre-school it would be a bit odd. However, my dd who is just 4 really does benefit from wearing her "bib" at meal times, my 2 year is a less messy eater than her............


NoBiggy · 13/09/2007 21:44

Bibs? No!

We have an extensive collection of aprons, but I even wear one of those myself (I mean, I might look like a bag of washing, but not a stained bag of washing.)


madamez · 13/09/2007 21:44

Actually it has sometimes been said that I could still do with a bib at the age of 42 . Perhaps the woman's kid is just a really slobbery eater who will, hopefully, improve a little with peer influence.


CaptainUnderpants · 13/09/2007 21:45

Unfortunately fact of life when children eat at school that they get food all over their uniform.

If that Mum is that concerned about the state of her childs uniform then dont send child to a nursery that requires a 3 yr old to wear one !


MrsCellophane · 13/09/2007 21:48

My DS in year 2 still wears his art apron to lunch - very sensible imo.


MrsCellophane · 13/09/2007 21:48

At school, I mean, lol


Alambil · 13/09/2007 21:56

My ds's nursery had tabbards they wore for all eating activities - even just taste-testing

I can tell you - it saved many a lovely top getting wholly ruined with food!!

Bibs - possibly not, but a protector of some sort for young kids isn't totally OTT I don't think

and why no spoons? what if they have yoghurt?!


Kewcumber · 13/09/2007 21:58

teaches them new skills, eating their yoghurt with a fork.


nell12 · 13/09/2007 22:00

All the girls in my school up to yr 2 have 2 art aprons, one for art and one for wearing at lunchtime

I think the parents are incredibly grateful!


CaptainUnderpants · 13/09/2007 22:02

You should see that state of the white polo shirts that my two come home in - one in Yr2 the other in Yr 1 !!


CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 13/09/2007 22:02

i think she meant spoons only

i was also a bit shocked at open night when one mum asked would they be having naps.

OP posts:

CaptainUnderpants · 13/09/2007 22:05

But some 3yr olds do have naps .


kindersurprise · 13/09/2007 22:06

My DCs have not used bibs since they were under 2. Yes, it can be a bit messy but they and their clothes are washable.

I don't agree with putting bibs on older children just because it makes life easier for Mum.

As to spoons, my DS is 3 and eats well with knife and fork. Again, it is messy and takes time when they are learning but they have to learn sometime.


EmsMum · 13/09/2007 22:07

My DD (8) still sometimes comes home with baked bean sauce or gravy down her.

Luckily uniform is easy to wash!

Now what did irritate me was that they had art aprons in infants but if there was gluing in a non-art lesson then inevitably she got glue on tunic or blazer and that doesnt wash off.


Desiderata · 13/09/2007 22:08

Mine never had a bib. I just couldn't be arsed. If you've got to wash the bib, you might as well wash the top!


CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 13/09/2007 22:20

im 40 and still need a nap (but am pg)

OP posts:

EscapeFrom · 13/09/2007 22:23

some three year olds still have naps.

Some three year olds really should be covered up at mealtimes because they drop food everywhere.

Some three year olds are very grown up, more like school children. Some are very young still, more like toddlers.

they are all different,.


Cherrymix · 13/09/2007 22:24

I support bibs - I'd have my DS(5) in bib if could find a big one. Kids are always getting food on clothes and would rather have tomato/ chocolate stained bib than tomato stained clothes.
It saves on washing - kids can wear a tomato stained bib at home several times but if they go out in tomato stained clothes people think they look a mess.


tori32 · 13/09/2007 22:40

I would only do it if dd was dressed for a special occasion like lunch before a wedding or christening etc. My dd is only 20mths but I only bother with one if its food that stains clothes.


islandofsodor · 13/09/2007 23:27

YABU. My 3 year olds at nursery and my almost 6 year old at school both wear lunch tabards.

I often put one on them at home too.


madamez · 13/09/2007 23:30

I seem to recall being expected to put on a pinny at mealtimes till I was about, ooh, 15. Beginning to worry a bit now (surreptitiously wipes splash of cider from desktop, smear of chocolate from chin and toast crumbs from cleavage.)


seeker · 13/09/2007 23:31

Strange things to be shocked by, IMHO!

My 6 year old sometimes has a nap when he's not at school. MOst of the population of Southern Europe, not I come think think about it have a nap regardlss of age!


Rubybees · 13/09/2007 23:34

I think escape from has hit the nail on the head there agree with you x


LadyOfTheFlowers · 13/09/2007 23:34

ds1 used to wear them every time he ate, but sadly, bibs, like socks, just go missing in the laundry/airing cupboard/dog's mouth.

ds1 is 2 and ds2 is 1 and hehas never worn one.
my mum tends to tie a clean tea towel round each of them when they eat ather house though.


Caroline1852 · 13/09/2007 23:45

YABU - I'm a lunch tabard and bib fan.

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