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Arrrgh Arrgh AM FUMING! AIBU to hope that people won't park their bikes against my house?

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flowerybeanbag · 13/09/2007 16:10

Grrrrr! I swore I would never bring my private gripes to MN however I need to vent as a matter of urgency.

Scenario - our house is not in a housing estate or anything, so is on a main-ish thoroughfare. It does not resemble a shop or anything of that ilk. There is no shop within quite a way.
I noticed someone's bike parked leaning up against my lounge window. I went outside to look cross in an exaggerated fashion, no joy.
So I decided to wait it out for a bit before putting a note on.
Woman comes back, so I dash outside. Conversation as follows

Me: Is there any reason why you are parking your bike against my house?
Her: No. How was I supposed to know?
At this point I was expecting something along the lines of 'Oh I am ever so sorry, I didn't realise, silly me, I'm sorry about that, won't do it again.' At which point I would have said 'Not to worry, I'm sure you didn't realise.'
However, when such a statement was not forthcoming..
Me: Well its a private house, please don't do it again.
Her: Well how was I supposed to know?
Me: Well what does it look like?Her: I don't know

OP posts:

Sheherazadethegoat · 13/09/2007 16:12

why did it bother you?


belgo · 13/09/2007 16:12

put a sign up saying no bikes.


belgo · 13/09/2007 16:14

it's common in Belgium to put a sign up or you may get bikes damaging the paint work on the front of a house


flowerybeanbag · 13/09/2007 16:14

hmm, interesting question shethegoat, I don't really know actually, it just did. I suppose it just wouldn't occur to me to park my bike up against someone's house! It was for at least an hour as well, not 2 minutes while she posted a letter or something.

OP posts:

ruddynorah · 13/09/2007 16:15

what? against your actual window or just against the house? is your house right on the street ie no path or front garden?


flowerybeanbag · 13/09/2007 16:18

The handle was against the window. Our house is on the street, but there is a v wide pavement outside, of which the chunk against the window is our property. This chunk is slightly set back from the road.
Thinking about it, I think it was her attitude more than anything else that got me all worked up.
She was not remotely embarrassed or sorry, and if she had been, I would have been fine.

OP posts:

louloulouise · 14/09/2007 20:06

Totally bang out of order! Private property, next time take a picture of the offending bike and owner if need be. Note time and date, just in case of any damage, which then would be classed as criminal damage. I'm sure it won't be the ignorant bint who would be paying for the damage. Protect your investment. Answer to Ruddynorah, yeah some Terraced property owners do not have the luxury of gardens.


RubyRioja · 14/09/2007 20:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flowerybeanbag · 14/09/2007 20:51

Ruby that did occur to me briefly
When I went outside to do my exaggerating huffing and puffing and looking cross, I did debate whether to take it across the road and lean it up against a lamppost there instead.
I was just astonished at the cheek of doing it in the first place, that it would even occur to her to do that, and most of all by the complete lack of embarrassment and apology as well.


OP posts:

PSCMUM · 14/09/2007 20:58

no, yanbu. i cycle everywhere and am SO concious of where i put my bike. i woild bot dream of putting it against someones house. i wouldnm't put it against a shop either actually!

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