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The right to play loud music at 8pm is NOT equal to my 18m/o's right to sleep?

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stillsleeping · 12/09/2007 18:17

Cos that's what the housing trust just told me re our downstairs neighbour!


OP posts:

SenoraPostrophe · 12/09/2007 18:19

it is true that loud music at 8pm is OK. I think it depends on your local council, but they usually only get snotty about loud noise between 11pm and 8am.

But anyway. could you maybe get your toddler used to sleeping through music by putting some on quietly when he's knackered or something? babies will generally sleep in whatever conditions they're used to...


vacua · 12/09/2007 18:20

Doesn't it depend upon how loud it is? If it is VERY loud it doesn't matter what time of day/night it is. Anyone been out to listen/install any equipment?


wildwoman · 12/09/2007 18:22

YAB a touch U, sorry. I know it must be a bastard pain in the arse but 8 isn't really an antisocial time.


GodzillasBingoWings · 12/09/2007 18:22

Was going to do long post but most people will have heard it all before so i'll save my breath. I sympathize totally and YANBU.


kerala · 12/09/2007 18:29

Second the sympathy have similar "issues" with neighbours.

When the music is on late or they have loud fights outside our house I fantasise about going into our garden when we get up (6.30am due to dd wake up and Dh job) and having the Today prog on REALLY LOUD. Their bedroom is at the back and as they dont work they like to lie in.

One day....


moopymoo · 12/09/2007 18:30

you shoulddef do that kerala


kerala · 12/09/2007 18:31

Although minor victory today - their dog crapped in our garden and I made him clear it up.


GodzillasBingoWings · 12/09/2007 18:42

Wouldn't it be nice if we who do think playing excessively loud tv or music is antisocial could move into a row of terraces/semis together and think how much nicer it is than the rest of the world [dream]


MaryAnnSingleton · 12/09/2007 18:43

clever dog !


kerala · 12/09/2007 18:49

Ha! Although in terms of intellect I think the dog has it...

Godzilla what a great idea. Then all the loud music players, crapping dog owners, violent arguments havers ("I'll f -ing knife you" as my neighbours say to each other) types can carry on their grim behaviour without bothering anyone decent/normal.


joopie · 12/09/2007 20:06

we had a problem with noisy neighbours and when we were moving out our solictor told us that you can sue the neighbour for 'ruining the peaceful enjoyment of your home'. you need to get recordings as proof of how loud it is and keep a journal of when they play music, it doesn't matter what the time is either, if its annoying you write it down. i think you need a couple of months worth of evidence but you have that option there.


SimplerTimes00s · 09/11/2022 19:38

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ as it's a PBP

SnappyCroco · 09/11/2022 19:41

Could you move house and choose somewhere with quieter neighbours?


Pewterschmitt · 09/11/2022 19:42


I bet your housing association love having you as a tennant…


chisum · 09/11/2022 19:44

Think the child will be old enough by now for it not to matter


AllThatFancyPaintsAsFair · 09/11/2022 19:46

I'll say one thing about 2007, the threads titles were more interesting


Notimeforaname · 09/11/2022 19:46

This thread is 15 years old 😂


Zoomingo · 09/11/2022 19:47

Oh nearly got me.


Darbs76 · 09/11/2022 19:49

Not much that can be done at 8pm. They are right, it’s not midnight. Doesn’t make it nice for you but I guess everyone loves their life’s differently and some people don’t care about the impact of their actions on others


WhiteFire · 09/11/2022 19:53

Aww sweets memories of my also 18 month old at the time of the OP. She would have slept on a washing line though, even now at 16 (it's been a long time for the poor OP) she pretty much sleeps through anything.

If you are thinking I am just being a smug cow I can present child number 3 to you. still cries at the memory


ExtraOnions · 09/11/2022 19:54

Zombie zombie zombie zombie


bridgetreilly · 09/11/2022 20:05

Yet another super zombie! But OP was definitely BU.

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