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To hate the ADHD label?

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Getyourownjuice · 11/09/2007 18:02

ABout 4 mums in my DDs class say their kids have ADD or ADHD. They havent got (or arer trying to get) a diagnosis, this is something they have labelled their own kids with.

Each one of them is without doubt, naughty and disrespectful, but I think it ends there.

Im getting so annoyed with their lack of interest in their kids and them slapping a label on them as if it gives them a buy out clause in disciplining their kids.

There is one little boy who has a diagnosis, and extra support in the class and he is less disruptive than the rest of em!

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2shoes · 11/09/2007 18:06

maybe because he is getting the help he needs. have you been with them to the doctors/hospital?


Saturn74 · 11/09/2007 18:11

It is virtually impossible to estimate the extent of the difficulties a child has, without knowing that child extremely well.

And a diagnosis doesn't mean the behaviour magically changes.

But I agree that there is no point in the parents using a label if they aren't prepared to ensure that their children are receiving appropriate support.


Getyourownjuice · 11/09/2007 18:12

Our school is 1st class at getting help for kids tat need it. These mums I am talking about openly say they have been to the doctors 'no point is there' and are not pursuing anyhelp

Im convinced there is nowt wrong a few boundaries wouldnt cure.

My parallel with the other child wasnt very clear. I meant to express that the one child that has been diagnised and is well supported is a pretty well bahved boy, where as their kids are not!

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