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to think that if people have something to say

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harleyd · 11/09/2007 16:38

then they should at least have the balls to do it under thier own name
i mean ffs why manechange

OP posts:

littlelapin · 11/09/2007 16:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harleyd · 11/09/2007 16:39

obv namechange

OP posts:

BIWI · 11/09/2007 16:39


but yes, you're absolutely right harleyd


NKF · 11/09/2007 16:40

What do you mean - their own name? Their first made up name? It's all anonymous isn't it. For all I know, it's just Justine and her best friend posting over and over agian.


Baffy · 11/09/2007 16:41

lol NKF!


BIWI · 11/09/2007 17:09

And by the way, I'd like to point out that I changed my name this morning and not for this post!


VagusPabo · 11/09/2007 17:15

I laughed out loud at the earlier quiche thread, where the OP was a moaning namechanger.

I feel it's a bit like complaining of being ignored, when one has been hiding behind the curtains.

Namechanger perfectly ok under certain circs imo - embarrassing probs and fear of rl recognition frinstance.

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